Looking for ads' talent!!

1、GAD (Telecom)
He or she will devote most (90-100%) of the time on This Key account. He/she will report to the Business Director.
He/she will become the major go-to person by the regional marketing directors of the two product groups on the client side. This means that he/she needs to form a very strong relationship with those counterparts and gain high respect as their marketing partners.
He/she will be the key gatekeeper of all major projects, by leading the account teams (Ads/AMs and AEs) and forming effective relationship/partnership with creative and planning teams.
On regional projects, he/she also needs to work with the regional account team to coordinate with other markets in the North Asia region.
He/she will be responsible for the quality of all creative brief and communication brief by judging together with the planer and CD. He/she is also responsible for the successful selling of great ideas to the client, and carry out effective campaign through execution. A very effective leader and coordinator in such processes.
He/she will need to work effectively in a 360 degree way in TeamMoto, i.e. coordinate skillfully with other communication disciplines such as digital, retail, PR, media, etc.
He/she as middle level manager will be responsible for leading and nurturing his/her team members and help them to grow.
A learner: He/she shows strong interest in learning of the mobile telecom market - the market dynamics, product/service usage, consumer behavior, etc.
A practician: He/she demonstrates strong passion for bringing good ideas and initiatives into life, to make things happen. He/she does not stop with ideas.
A thinker: He/she also needs to have a brain and a strategic mind in order to be able to lead the client and dialogue with his/her planning and creative partners.
A leader: He/she needs courage to guard great ideas, protect creative people, and support junior staff in front of client.
A collaborator: He/she is a good communicator with different disciplines in TeamMoto
He/she needs good taste and common sense to be able to appreciate good works.
He/she is likely to be local Chinese, or somebody likes China and has lived here long enough to possess good understanding of the market environment.
Fluent English a must. 4A with 360 and telecom experience is a plus. Client side also welcome.

2、planner (telecom)
Planner to work on one of the top global brands. Based in Beijing. Background in strategic planning or qualitative research with about 5 years experience. Fluency in Mandarin & English. Preferably Chinese - someone who has livid, travelled ( ybe even outside China) & worked in inland China. Someone with a large dose of curiosity to know about popular Chinese culture.

Key point: Leadership & strategy ability.over 5 years experience in 4A company.

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