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Uniball Waterproof Pen

nice. like it! p.s: you

nice. like it!

p.s: you could even think about a campaign. what else could you paint on (boring) fish? perhaps make a submarine out of it or something


everybody can understand

everybody can understand "Nemo" but maybe not "Ayhan". Ayhan is a famous kettledrummer in Turkey. His nickname is "Fish Ayhan" Everyone knows him.


ermmm sorry.. one

ermmm sorry.. one question..
does waterproof mean writing on wet surface or any surface??


i did a very similar ad for

i did a very similar ad for sharpie water resistant. same concept on july 2007
when taking classes in nyc.
i submitted it to cmyk on september 2007
it will be published on cmyk april 2008.
therefore, with this i can assure you i had no idea this ad existed,
aside from the fact that i had done it before jan08

i'm posting this because in another posting someone told me i had stole this ad.
this is the first time i have seen it.


No worries buddy, we believe

No worries buddy, we believe you.
Coincidences happen. People should consider that fact, before throwing accusations around.
By the way, did you submit your ad to a CYMK contest?


sorry, i didn't intent to

sorry, i didn't intent to say that you stole it. (i'm not sure if i am meant here - cause i didn't follow the thread after my post and now i can't find it anymore (did you delete it?)
it's just exactly the same and i wanted to point that out. I know, mostly copies are coincidents.. The idea is great but not weird enough to say only one guy can come up with it.

I apologize if i've caused a fuss. did i? (or am i just too stupid to find the original post?)


When i made this i show my

When i made this i show my teacher he said that " ı have seen an ad like this before" but he told me about 5 years ago, so not yours.

He doesnt remember what the brand of it. I search from archieve some pen ads but i couldnt find.

Now, as your explain you get rid of as seen as thief, but ı will seen a thief now. I didnt see any work like this. I dont know how ı tell you that but...

I want to see your work too (what is link?), and try to find the other ad which the teacher told...


i don't think you are a

i don't think you are a thief and frankly i don't think anyone does.

about you teacher saying that it has been done before, maybe he's right.
I hope you find the ad that he said he has seen it before.
I don't go to archive so i would not know about it.
What i want to make clear is that when my partner i thought about came up with the fishbowl idea, we had never seen an ad like this before, so and TO MY KNOWLEDGE i had come up with the original idea.

this is just a huge coincidence.


Ok...so your teacher told

Ok...so your teacher told you they've seen this ad before and you still did it. Why?