sperm bank, again


sperm bank, again
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Don't do ads for that kind of client. It's too easy.

Unless that is real stuff, and not just spec.

About the idea...
It's okay. But I think you can go further with this kind of client.

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Interesting visual but doesn't say much. The pink looks bad as a background. Nice try tho.

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very basic thought man...

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very basic feedback (mehulz) man...anything "constructive"?

original doodles + creative sweat =

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what Meh is trying to say, I think, is that the ad is merely showing the obvious (sperm banks store what is essentially frozen babies, of all races and genetic makeup). This is a "basic" thought. Sometimes called "low concept". It's not saying anything new about the product/service, just introducing it in a new, and hopefully clever way. However, to break through, a low concept ad really needs an incredibly fresh direction to attack from in order to garner attention. This one, borderline clever, mostly just, "oh, yeah, frozen babies, i get it".

As far as somethign constructive, White Space (cc thinkFresh), I would suggest showing what this service means to people who want it. To these people, they aren't just frozen ice cube babies, they are sons, daughters, potential family. There is a highly charged emotional core to sperm banks, on both sides, so tap into that, show just how important this service is to those who want a baby. Or, flip it, and show the donator's side, are they doing it for money, or is there something bigger behind it (leaving a legacy). I think there's a good thought in either of those directions, especially the "leave a legacy, donate sperm" one. It's a hard angle to attack, but it'll be impressive if you pull it off.

Let's see what you can do Honkie, I mean Whitey...err, Space.

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that was a cool brief, only thing is the objective is not clear, shud the ad say that
more people shud come n donate sperm? the ad shown here too misses the response expected.
what's the objective of the ad? that's very important, isn't it?