Global Warming

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I like the visual the idea

I like the visual the idea is ok. but maybe it can work on its on without much txt graphics. what if it's just "trees" visual and headline replaced by rewind symbol alone...or the "trees" create the rewind symbol shape. just a thought.


The copy has a long way to

The copy has a long way to go.

The first sentence is too complicated. I always try to have openers that are mind-blowing. And I think you tried to cram in too much information in one paragraph. Every sentence should be in bite size. Of course there will be exceptions. But for this case, I wouldn't want to be thinking too hard just to understand you.

And isn't global temperature rise and climate change a RESULT of global warming? Not CAUSE of global warming. The power of research... Go do that and it's likely that you have better things to say about the whole topic.


It's shows a solid

It's shows a solid understanding to the issue, but personally, the rewind element isn't really relative to the issue, I can see it visualises your point, but perhaps the message (not the copy) that you wish to communicate should be nailed first, then you may find a better solution writes itself.

Hope that helps. :)


Brilliant! I love the


I love the concept, it's so simple and yet who would of thought of it?

It works the message is there and it's tidy. The copy is probably wise to stay on, although it would be much nicer with just the "rewind before it's too late". People will need an explantion of meaning so the copy is good.

This would work great as a flick book extending the range of images and the text could be a final page.
When you get to the end of the book you wouldn't be able to rewind because it's too late and you'd just be looking at a blank canvas.

I like, but no doubt there are many different views