printer revisited

I wanted to make a better ad (since last one), turned attention to the paper sheets,
which want to be exposed to printers action. From there action of one of the sheets, since one behind him is slowly trying to overtake him.

printer revisited
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you know... we call our work "baby"..
so this is your baby... a baby that come out from you..
a baby... its should be as simple and innocent as it supposed to be..
you can dress your baby up nicely.. with great photography or design...
don't ever try to make your baby complicated, like what you have done...

do a over nice test... stop thinking about this work.. go and party.. drink.. get laid..
come back tomolo and act as tho you've got nothing to do with this work...
looking at these paper who say "no over taking"... with no product... only a logo and not tagline and slogan.. or message.. what does it tells you???

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indeed, this is just ... bad. Sheets of paper want to overtake just to be in the printer? Come on. forced to the bone

like qbird said, don't look at this ad for a while (getting laid is always nice) and then look at it again. what do u see?