Hemosc - Blood Center

"AB+ is the universal receptor, but you can call Totalflex.*"
Unfortunately just 2.5% of people are AB+ and can receive blood from any person. Therefore, the Hemosc needs every kind of blood every day. When you be 18, don't forget to donate blood. It is the way we supply the life.

*Totalflex is the commercial name of multi-fuel cars in Brasil (gasoline, metanol and GNV)

Hemosc - Blood Center
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Dont get the idea, but interesting art.

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To understand the idea you must understand the totalflex concept. In Brazil, some cars use every kind of fuel in any composition (20% regular gasoline + 70% metanol/alcohol + 10% premium gasoline, for exemple). You can fill up your car with any fuel (except diesel). This technology is called totalflex.