Advertised brand : Fortune Teller Knows All.
Advert title(s) : 911, JFK, Princess, Tsunami
Translation of headline to English : It would be great
to be able to predict the future life. Call Now 1900-111-151
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country) : Bangkok, Thailand
Agency website: http:// -
Creative Director : Atchana Yimsirikul
Art Director : Yuwadee Chalongtrakul, Atchana Yimsirikul
Copywriter : Atchana Yimsirikul
Illustrator : -
Photographer : -
Other additional credits : Ornratt Jariyasathien
Published/Released (Month, Year) : 2007
Short rationale (optional) : -

Fortune Teller Knows All
Fortune Teller Knows All
Fortune Teller Knows All
Fortune Teller Knows All

These are seriously

These are seriously immature. C'mon, you just found these bad stock shots and made up a client, the two of you plus another additional person. You must be students, be creative, find a less obvious client or better still, throw these away.


Yes, man! This campaign are

Yes, man! This campaign are part of my portfolio.
I haven't done it, already. That's why I post it in
the forum's exhibition section. All visuals came from
the concept idea. But thanks anyways for your comment.
That's good.

Open for all reasonable suggestions.
Let's share more view to my works.
Thank you. :)


Seems like these should be

Seems like these should be more about personal things than global. If I could tell the future I'd want to know the winning lottery numbers or to renew my AAA membership the day before my car breaks down, or buying stocks on an emerging IPO...

Needs to be more lighthearted, these are just grim and depressing and lack a concept. Like Davosk said looks like you found some photos and wrote an ad around them.

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.