Hi there,
I'm new here so i'm just posting a credit card design which was created by me enjoy and speak...


Credit Card Design

what are those weird

what are those weird baseball bats and a christmas ornament in real life?
i can't tell what are other two things.


I really like it. Not a huge

I really like it. Not a huge cricket fan but the wickets look great, and even without that the scanlines and gradient make a great backdrop.


It's certainly very dynamic.

It's certainly very dynamic. My only issue -- and it's a small one -- is that the area you've alloted for the raised numbers is going to make them difficult to read... and anyone who's given their credit card number over the phone to a merchant knows what I'm talking about.

But very cool visuals.


First comment i dont like

First comment i dont like the most i think the guy not live in this world:) anyway thank you all of you for the kind words will catch you soon these days i'm little busy and yeah i'm originally from pakistan but work in dubai you people can see my profile thanks all of you i really appreciate that.


sorry for being

sorry for being harsh...cricket is not popular in my country
and i really didn't recognise it.


And one more thing guys

And one more thing guys cricket is not a national game of pakistan its a national game of england... and loader it oke if you are in advertising you should know about these informations and knowledge and keep yourself updated yeah?


I would not want to have

I would not want to have this card in my valet. But then again, I'm not fan of this sport. I think a CC design should be more neutral. It's not a poster.