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Hey Guys,
I am really in need for some opinions. A few months ago, I submitted a creative submission to an agency here in Australia for a creative internship (it's a worldwide agency that I think is better not to name, might get in trouble) About 7 will make it. I am happy to say my creative submission was succesful but now they ask questions that we need to answer (an application). The questions are as follows:

1 Why do you want to work with our agency

2 What is your favourite campaign (they didnt mention advertising campaign which is making me think)

3 What is your least favourite campaign

4 Name 5 things you want to achieve before you are 30

5 What are you passionate about this current moment and why

I know those questions may seem straightforward and easy to answer but seriously, so many applicants and what makes the ones so different. What approach have they chose. I would like some feedback on what approach or what do you think about those questions asked from a worldwide agency. Yes an internship at a fantastic agency is alot of people's ambition, but this one I've been working on for so long and now I'm at the last step. I will appreciate your feedback and opinions. I am sure I will find a way to thank you (hah dont ask for money please).

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First of all congrats!

What they are looking for is a passionate person who works hard and is willing to make a sacrifice for his and the agency's sake. You need to be honest and smart too.

If I were you I would introduce a bit of creative humor into the answer to show off your creativity.

Try to avoid cliches, try to avoid anything that is not really you and most importantly avoid any eccentricity that may sound the alarm in the readers head.

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Thanks Ivan. The creative humor you're talkin about is one thing I was hesitant about but i guess it should work. Im avoiding cliches and stuff but what I also dont want to write is anything that might sound like im sucking up. I would like to write about how i will contribute to the agency. They give me an insight and Ill give them insight but then again obviously thats something they might thing you'd say for an application's sake not for real. I guess?

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hey wkanaan, u headed over east?

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Darrin Stephens
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The questions are simple and straight forward. So instead of trying to out smart the agency or write what you THINK they want to hear, how about you just answer them honestly and sincerely? Considering that you came here searching for answers to questions that only YOU can answer, I'm thinking that you are not all that passionate about the ad business and therefore not exactly the best candidate for the job. But nevertheless, just speak from the heart and tell the truth. Don't write down anything you can't prove or aren't willing to stand behind the very first day you walk through that agency's door. If it is meant to be, It'll happen. If not, I'm sure they're not the only agency in town. Don't get hung up on having to be at THAT agency. Experience is experience and good ads are good ads. So don't pin all you hopes on getting this one job. You should be trying to get into other shops as well. Like the name if this site emplies, you can make good ads at any agency, anywhere in the world. Good luck.