Colgete karo

"Bola tha na Colgate karo"
(I told you to use Colgate)
In India people use colgate as a synonym for toothpaste.

Colgete karo
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lyndon louis
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hey mahmood. cool thought. luvd the execution. cudn't help smiling.
am almost tempted to change my toothpaste brand. keep it up.

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thanks lyndon,
idea is so streachable, you can go anywhere with this idea.
short of time... will execute more and upload them.
thanks again

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hi.. whats up
need more comments.

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Ok, I don't want to cruel but this seems like a first round idea. I realize that this isn't like working on a client like X-box or Nike but I just don't think this is taking it very far. That said (and yeah, better photography will help you) it does try to make a point in a humorous way.

That's my 2 cents. Feel free to take or ignore it.

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It's a bit too simple. It's like the first thing that comes to anybody's mind. The ad doesn't move your thoughts.

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this is not a new thing. I've seen a lot of toothpaste ads with these visuals. anything new?

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i found this link. ideas r nice.

this 1 is like movie poster funny!

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nice one murthy.
but u didnt commented on my idea. is it so bad.