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What's the product? What's the idea?

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ohoh, its limbo time! thats a pretty cool visual I have to say, but yeah, where's the concept??

... its already been done...

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mr. sadoog, whats with your website? is it a hate site? are you really that angry at jewish people and the pope? im not big on religion either, but i also dont and wouldnt spend my time making racist, and ignorant pictures about how much i dislike a certain group of people.

p.s. this picture has no concept. but is interesting.

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Heuu ... funny visual but nothing else, you posted it juste to post something? or maybe it's unfinished layout?

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what is this for innit

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I agree with the comments above.

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good comment Aref=)), it is an new idea about canon printer, that makes print out more reality ( interactive)
RobMc: you talk about hate, non from my side but you may aske if William Shakespeare did!
mean time may you please open your eyes and minde widely, and asking your self about whom enrolling the midea

(In Genesis 10:21-31 Shem is described as the father of Aram, Asshur, and others: the Biblical ancestors of the Arabs, Aramaeans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Sabaeans, and Hebrews, etc.,)
so as jewish, arab also sematic, while Antisemitism serve only jews against arab palasitnian, why?
may you answer?

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Woh there boy, you have some serious issues on your plate. This is just an ad forum. Have a Kit Kat.

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and for a lighter one try

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wtf.....remember to eat the grey mushrooms saadoog, stay away from those colured ones!!!

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You tell us to open our minds and then you quote the old testament. I can think of nothing more closed. Oh, and this ad sucks.

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nice visual!!!
should have used it for Denim Jeans-Slim Fit either