before i invite critique, i'd like to inform the viewer that the ads are to be placed
in different regions in india, depending on the popularity of the particular festival.
the target audience here is that certain class of people, hindus mostly who paint their
houses every year during festive occasions.

asian paints.3
for example, though uttarayan or kite flying festival is observed in most parts of india
but is predominant in the west( gujarat & maharasthra).here, during the kite flying festival
the 'phirki' is rested on an open can, with 'U' shaped grooves ut in at either end. so that
the 'phirki' is free to move. this is done for the ease of flying kites single-handedly.

the third campaign which has a 'phirki' atop the asian paints container is an imagery
which people of that region would easily identify with.
whereas the other imagery can be universally identified with in india.

asian paints.campaign ( hindi )
asian paints.campaign ( hindi )
asian paints.campaign ( hindi )

'diwali' or 'deepawali' is

'diwali' or 'deepawali' is one of the main festivals in india. the festival of lights.
and it is also one of times in the year when, primarily hindu households repaint their houses.
this particular fire cracker takes support from the used asian paints can.


ivan each festival is

ivan each festival is related to one festival.
indian love to repaint their home before festival and festival's singnificance changes as per region.


good thought dude .... now

good thought dude .... now thats the power of being simple. just try to figure out the way to reduce the copy. seriously the idea is visual based.



thanks are

thanks are absolutely right.
copy is used considering the target audience.
will knock off the copy in my portfolio.


true.the 'latai' or phirki

true.the 'latai' or phirki can be forced for someone
who is not acquainted with the custom.which is quite
popular in the western part of india, mainly maharasthra
and gujarat.i had anticipated this comment, thanks.
and have exclusively explained the third ad

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