Hi everyone. I'm considering to invest in Workamajig. It looks like it knows everything an agency can ask for in terms of project management. Have any of you used it? Are there any similar products out there? I'm not talking about services like Basecamp. It has to be custom made for agencies. I appreciate your answers.

Hi Dungeon, I would

Hi Dungeon,

I would recommend staying away from WorkAMajig as they have some shady business practices of using other companies trademarks to advertise on through Google Adwords. I currently have two "WorkAMajig" ads on my term "officezilla" which is a groupware system I own. They just won't stop and have even set up multiple Google Adwords accounts so they can place more then one ad at a time aimed at my users.

I would suggest doing business with someone who is honest in every part of there business.


Thanks gscott! I saw your

Thanks gscott! I saw your comment on other threads about the same subject. You really have a personal problem with them don't you? :) Is it illegal what they are doing? If not, I don't see how it's morally wrong.

But, I don't know if this particular issue is a problem for me as an end user.


A week or so ago I noticed

A week or so ago I noticed that they had started running three ads on the search term "officezilla" so I decided to go ahead and run an ad on the term "workamajig" and I was amazed when they had a lawyer call me and start sending me letters. This when they are doing the same thing to me (except they are highly aggressive about it, running multiple ads under multiple accounts).

I had to make a decision to stick it out running ads on "workamajig" until they stopped running ads on "officezilla" or forget it and post kind thoughts about "workamajig" throughout the Internet.

I never thought it was a big deal either, until workamajig made it into one.


Hi everyone, I'm heading up

Hi everyone,

I'm heading up operations for a small agency (75 ppl) and we have been investigating various softwares for time sheets, project management and expense tracking. We're looking to get started ASAP. Thoughts on workamajig, agency central, etc...


I would welcome an

I would welcome an opportunity to take you through a demonstration of SilentPartner. SilentPartner is professional services automation software that fully integrates project management, collaborative tools, and accounting into ONE enterprise-wide work-flow system. We are a competitor of both Workamajig and Agency Central. My contact information is jlangos@medigroupltd.com or you can reach me at 502-767-7971.

You can learn more about our services at www.esilentpartner.com

Thank you


Hey, not sure about this

Hey, not sure about this Jason Langos dude, he was working at silent partner, then our agency had a call from him when he was working at Sohnar selling their traffic software... now we recieved a call from him working at paprika, this is all in a course of just over a year... is this guy for real?


Yes, I am for real and I know

Yes, I am for real and I know the job jumping is concerning but such is life sometimes. I was recruited away from SilentPartner to Sohnar but unfortunately the opportunity was not as described or promised. I chose to continue my career with Rebus/Paprika software for several reasons but most importantly because I believe it is a company that I will not be embarrassed to represent. We not only have a great product but fantastic customer support as well. I know the advertising industry very well having worked for Euro RSCG and owning my own agency for several years so I can assure you I have strong industry knowledge along with a strong product knowledge.

Thank you
Jason Langos
502-767-7971 or


check out Advantage, the

check out Advantage, the software is very complete (they just released enhanced project management and other things) and the service is amazing. It is a great bargain. There is also a great network of users. www.gotoadvantage.com.


we were using advantage -

we were using advantage - gotoadvantage.com and switched over to workajamajig. we were with workamajig before when they were creative manager pro.
we had issues with advantage and our media department software.

with workajamajig we are having issues as well. the biggest being that with macpro 8 cores with tons of ram, they are excuciatingly slow. so slow that we have to do time sheets on a different computer since on an 8 core mac pro running os 10.5.x it can take 20 minutes to do a single day time sheet. on any other computer it runs perfectly fine. we are on an all gigabit networkt with virtualized windows servers with tons of resources.

not sure what advertising package is the best since it seems we have been through a lot of them. almost every 4 to 5 years we are switching.
to be honest, none of them have been perfect.

I have heard really good things about clients and profits.

that is one i have not personally tried.

if workamajig could fix some of these issues and get the macpro 8 cores working, i would have minimal problems recommending them.
we are an agency of about 75 plus users.


I have done a lot of

I have done a lot of research into time tracking and project management solutions specifically designed for ad agencies. Here's a list of the best;

-Clients & Profits
-Function Point
-Time Fox

I prefer Function Point as it is the best value.It has all of the functionality an agency can ask for while being very easy to use. It integrates with any accounting package which is great if you don't want to change your accounting processes. Time Fox is great for very small agencies that don't need a lot of project management tools. Clients and Profits is a good system when it's working (I hear a lot of complaints about the reliability of C&P). Workamajig is the top dog but I have spent hours on their demo and still have no idea what's going on. It seems way to over complicated.

When looking at project management solutions, narrow your choices down to 3 or 4 systems. Make sure to get demos to play around with. Spend 1 hour on each and you'll know right away what system's for you.

Good Luck


Thanks a lot! I will check

Thanks a lot! I will check them out and I found a great candidate:

The best part is that clients can annotate your layouts like you can do it in PS and Acrobat, but through a web interface and on any format file including even video or flash files.


The best studio management /

The best studio management / job tracking software for creatives I've seen is Streamtime - check out http://www.previewstreamtime.com. Far easier to use than the others on this site I'd describe it as more "Mac" like in its interface. The support team area great too and always take on our suggestions. They have a cool iphone application and web interface too.


I have never used any of the

I have never used any of the other creative project management programs. I started a new job in a Communications/Marketing department that uses Workamajig. Boy, oh, boy . . . this software is not "intuitive" at all! For someone who has been raised on Microsoft Applications, this software can be a nightmare. The buttons aren't clearly labeled, and I still haven't figured out how to go back to a previous screen once I've left it.


Stay away from sohnar

Stay away from sohnar traffic! we had it and pulled the pin after a month. The software is slow and buggy and very difficult to use. Dont be fooled by their slick sales presentation (some of it is lying about features too we found!) We're now considering basecamp http://www.basecamphq.com , proworkflow http://www.proworkflow.com or streamtime http://www.previewstreamtime.com - all three are good but have different strengths so see what fits for you!


Workamajig is full of bugs.

Workamajig is full of bugs. Be prepared to experience all kinds of problems as they work their system out by testing it on their users.


We've been using Workamajig

We've been using Workamajig for several months. Didn't start out with Creative Manager, just went straight to Workamajig.

On the plus side:
1. They are forward thinking in respect to moving toward a fully Flash interface

2. They have built a very robust piece of software (when it works)

1. Program is massively complex: (don't let the name fool you:]
- When pressed for help they will suggest you hire a consultant
- They offer 5 hours of training (negotiate for more, you'll need it)

2. Full of buggs:
- On weekly basis we report system errors to their support staff
- Errors usually center around Flash interface
- They are often harmless annoyances but sometimes will effect productivity

3. The system only works if you work the system:
- Getting your staff on board to a system this complex is very difficult

4. The Workamajig sales staff claims you'll only need 3 months to get up an running:
- That has to be bold-faced lie
- Even if you're used to another application you'll need that time just to get the finance end up
- The amount of tweaking variables you can do will occupy 3 members of your staff for at least ten hours a week for six months to build the system to a point that is functional, not perfect, functional

5. Support:
- If you're on the East Coast be prepared for overnight turn around for your questions via email
- Emergency? Sorry, you'll have to pay extra for phone support

So, if you host the program at your location and hire a consultant to set it up... Go for it. Otherwise, keep looking.


We used workamajig after

We used workamajig after creative mgr but had so many problems with the flash interface crashing and numerous issues on the finance side that we switched to another popular package. The support with workamajig was awful. As a solution to a financial problem I as told to make a journal entry to retained earnings. What a joke. The program was full of bugs as you said. The package we are implementing now seems to be very solid, easy to use, the support is great, etc. It has a web interface as well, but not flash. That is good thing for us as it does not ever crash in the middle of entering time!!


Our small agency is taking a

Our small agency is taking a look at Jig. You mentioned another package that you seem to prefer greatly. Care to mention it? I'd like to check it out before committing to Jig. Thanks


'Guest commentators' are

'Guest commentators' are useless - likely competition of the Workamajig folks. Even if they SAY that they're clients, I've found it to be the competition POSING as clients. Your best bet is to TALK to actual clients. That's how we started years ago with Clients and Profits. And that's the way we're going about current research.

Oh yeah, and guest commentators always tell you about some other 'great product'. Yeah sure.


My agency just did the hour

My agency just did the hour demo and the CD flipped out for it.
Signed the contract within an hour of getting it...

I have to admit the demo was impressive and having used Advantage and Infowit, it looked
better than those two combined.

We are not using it for billing or any accounting. Just traffic/scheduling, time management,
and tracking print costs.

Can anyone speak positive or negative to those functions? Especially the scheduling projects and deadlines
since that is what it will be used for most.



T-Rex, we swapped a 70

T-Rex, we swapped a 70 person company at the end of last year, sure we are having our issues as always since we went from our own canned app to a 3rd party solution. But all in all, they are as advertised, they train pretty well, they are responsive to issues, and for running an app that has several possible uses from some niche agency pieces, through billing, through ( as with us ) a full PPM/billing/traffic agency there are going to be stumbling blocks. So far though I would give them a 7.5/10, and that as much our companys changes to the software as their ability to deliver what I would say is a pretty high level product. If you would like to discuss it further, please let me know.


Did you ever select an agency

Did you ever select an agency project management software? I am in a small start-up looking at all the software systems mentioned, and was reading these threads. Curious to see where you landed.


I'm at a mid-sized agency

I'm at a mid-sized agency and we use MarketingPilot. I've used others at previous agencies and they don't compare. MarketingPilot is by far the most intuitive...especially when we bring in new hires that need to be trained. They have the best approval/collaboration solution.
They also have live support and that's hard to find in the MRM industry.


we are running a mid sized 75

we are running a mid sized 75 plus ad agency and for the most part pretty happy with workamajig. support has been pretty responsive to us.
usually a phone call in requires you leave a message and wait for them to call back. email support issues tend to get replied to quickly, most often the same day.

i just dont' know why they can't figure out how to get the 8 core mac pro running 10.5.x to work smoothly. it is sooooo slow.

once this gets figured out, the small issues we have remaining will pale in comparison to the the speed issues we are having with the 8 core macpros.

other intel machines running 10.5.x have not problems.

best of luck finding a solution that meets all your needs.

i often find myself just settling for now.


You should check us out here

You should check us out here Function Point ( www.functionpoint.com ) - we offer a web-based time sheet and project management solution for advertising, design, PR and web development firms. Give us a call and one of our sales people can take you through the system.

I should also mention that we're fun, cool and view each of our clients as partners!



Has anyone tried

Has anyone tried CurrentTrack? Please share your experience.


another vote for steering

another vote for steering clear of workamajig, what sort of company charges you extra for support, backups, training, especially with such an awkward product?! You can't even get online backups, they post them to you on CD (at a cost of $40), really useful if you need to restore a backup in an emergency!

We used basecamp for a couple of years but have moved to proworkflow now because we had too many projects to manage easily in Basecamp and wanted invoicing built-in. I would recommend both companies (neither of them charge for support for either!) and would advise anyone to stay away from the slick advertising of workamajig, don't be sucked in!


Workamajig sucks. Not just

Workamajig sucks. Not just as a product, but as a company. Here's why -

Counter intuitive interface - The interface is created in Flash but it becomes obvious that it is being built on the fly. Some functions are Flash based, some are HTML based. There is no rhyme or reason behind what you will see, nor is there any "heads up" to the user when a function changes.

Poor / nonexistent documentation - The tell you to use the help documents, but nobody has bothered to update it.

Inconsistent taxonomy on functions
Lack of common heuristics
Lack of standards in structure

Child labor - the place is run by children. Or at least people that sound and behave like children. If you ask for a second demo (like for you boss who is going to approve the purchase) they whine and say, "but we already gave you a demo". When I tried to pay with an AMEX, the rep told me they do not accept AMEX, but I SHOUILD write a letter to the president of the company complaining about it and he may make an exception. What is this, high school???
Anybody home? - I defy anyone to call the training /support department at Workamajig and actually connect with a live human being. The operate via e-mail and voicemail. They never answer the phone.
We include training - sort of - try booking more than one training session and you will get more whining about how their policy only allows one session to be booked at a time.


HHhhm. I too was looking into

HHhhm. I too was looking into Workamajig. Not so sure now. We're looking for an integrated program with the works - project management / budgeting / time management / invoicing and accounting. Workamajig was ticking all the boxes. I have read about Basecamp, but we really need something to interface with an accounting solution seamlessly. Our real requirement is from the accounting side.

We are a small agency (based in New Zealand, so dodgy support is a concern) but growing quick.

Any suggestions?


We have a small creative firm

We have a small creative firm and found that time tracking was always an issue - then we found http://www.getharvest.com/ - it doesn't do everything, but as far as time tracking goes, it's pretty slick and we've had no complaints from our team. The company behind it is always making advancements too - functionality gets added on a regular basis and it's never down... I would like to find a scheduling software similar to Harvest. We also use BasecampHQ... it's good for project management, but not as simple and clean as Harvest (from an aesthetics point of view)... I will investigate Clients & Profits, Function Point, Workamajig, Time Fox and Pro-Work Flow... will do a demo with each, if time allows. We need something that can do more than one function and that is ad agency focused as that is the closest to our business.


FYI - Our agency has been a

FYI - Our agency has been a user of Creative Manager Pro/Workamajig for the past 3 + years. The system was a decent product when it was just Creative Manager Pro - Workamajig sucks! Right now we have both systems installed on our server - I spend 95% of my time in Creative Manager and 5% in Workamajig. I want to learn Workamajig (as they no longer "support" Creative Manager Pro), but I honestly would never have gone with this company with Workamajig as their selling product. Without much detail, the system is just a flawed design that seems to be thrown together. The fonts are hard to read variations of gray that end up giving you a headache pretty quickly. The name alone would have kept me away. What a stupid name for a major investment. I am 100% on the accounting side, so when I speak it comes from my experiences with that part of the software. As mentioned above, their supprt team does suck (as well). I am in central time, and I am lucky if I get a same day response. It just doesn't happen. Plus, you can tell them the issue, where to find an example, and they will still ask you questions that were already answered in the email you sent in the first place. Calling them? Ha! #1, I have NEVER reached a live human. Their answering machine messages all contain remarks about them being away "running through flowers, or sprinklers, or something stupid like that" will only anger you as you called them with a system error to begin with.

We've have used two other systems - Clients & Profits and Control G. Control G was/is a dos based program that does little but had the GREATEST customer support I have experienced between the three.
Clients & Profits was the middle product. Hopefully it is fixed now, but when we had the system (6 months and then we ran from end of 2006 - 3 months into 2007) we could double bill clients and double pay vendors. There seemed to be a bug that would not always update when things were paid or billed. Also was an issue when a media invoice came in prior to us billing the IO or BO. The system would take the invoice, and then never bill out the item to the client. It wouldn't show up on a billing sheet....

...ayway, I'd love to hear some systems that are great on the time side, accounting side, and project management side. As it stands we might be moving out of Workamajig by end of year. We are a small sized 35 - 50 agency.



I cannot believe how long

I cannot believe how long this thread has been going! Another one I stumbled across recently was the RULE platform at http://rule.fm . We were working with Omelet ad agency in LA and things were just a nightmare -- which prompted us to look for a bonafide solution. We used 37signals Basecamp for a while, but just did not have enough features. Word is that rule.fm is supposed to be more powerful and scalable than Workamajig and less than the cost of the 37signals suite of products -- something like $150 per month for 50 employees. I caught a glimpse of the interface on dribbble.com, though not the most current, but if the end product looks as good as the forward facing website and what was posted to dribbble.com , it looks like someone finally did something that is powerful and sexy.

Ivan, what did you end up going with?



Hi there, this is all very

Hi there, this is all very interesting. I'm also looking into programs and so far, had 4 possiblities:

1) sohnar: now off the list as we've had dodgy dealings in the past and so it seems have others
2) Streamtime: any further recommendations on this one? not sure of the stability of the company
3) Pro-ad: no one seems to have mentioned it here. the functionality seemed quite good on their website and so is the pricing http://www.jd-software.co.uk/index.html?gclid=CJ6E7If0l6ICFR9k4wodiVr5Vg
4) Workamajig: wow, i think we're going to give this one a miss based on all of the above.

So any feedback on Pro-ad would be appreciated... and i'll check out all the others mentioned. Interesting thread :)


Hello: In the past, I've been


In the past, I've been involved with PM software research for in-house creative groups and I'm currently (always actually) in a new soft-search. I do remember being VERY pleased with CreativeManager Pro now called Workamajig. Their service was top-notch for us and the email responses were swift. We had the non-hosted deployment option, yet the updates were always transparent (almost) and frequent. However, I do remember when CM went to Flash-based and it seemed that the new interface was trying too hard. Almost like they had over-concepted visually. I mean, there's already so much data to visually scan in all PM apps that you almost just want NO funky, cryptic icons/gradients/embossed edges/floating windows/etc and just need that less-is-more familiar OS list/folder view. Actually, if Jig could show a little design restraint and look/feel more like Basecamp, Projecturf or even ProWorkFlow w/o the orange, but keep all it's scalability, good service and ditch Flash, man what a world this would be.

Seriously, I'd def reconsider Workamajig again for their customer service alone. And, back when I recommended them over the other "leading" apps, they were full-featured, cross-platform (browser) and strictly geared for creative industry – That all was huge and still is.


PS – Workamjig please update your interface to Web 2.0; update your Website content and look; put a link for your forums; and don't make me sign up just to view videos. Love ya!


I have to chime in: I've had

I have to chime in: I've had the WORST experience with Workamajig.

I could go on forever with all the details, but suffice to say that the company is very poorly managed and run, the training process is laborious and inefficient, and the program itself is not intuitive, very limiting and not helpful to the process.

My largest complaint has to be with the interactions with the company. Here's how your introduction to the company goes (setting up training):
- You must pay for training sessions before scheduling training, even if you have a long-term commitment with the company and several years history
- After Workamajig process the payments (8-10 weeks later!) I have to follow up to confirm that they've received it
- Then I have to email several requests to schedule training before I hear anything back
- Training is done over the phone in an extremely inefficient "walk you through it" way
- In order to process the final step of training (ie: how "clients" will interact), Workamajig will not train your clients, but insist that it is your job to train them

I would never recommend Workamajig to anyone for anything. They've been nightmarish.


I'm also just in the position

I'm also just in the position of deciding which system to go for.

I'm coming down towards Streamtime and it seems to do pretty much everything we want with just a couple of exceptions. It also is the best designed for designers (we are simple folk who like things to look nice!)

Does anyone have any negative (or positive) comments about Streamtime?


Function Point has a great

Function Point has a great system, which allows you to not only manage projects efficiently, but also manage CRM and invoicing. They have a robust integration with Quickbooks. I'm sure your accounting department will love it! Additionally, their customer service and support are very responsive.


We have been using

We have been using ProworkFlow.com for 3 years now. The staff there is great and always respond to my questions and product update requests. They seem to keep on top of what their users want and implement it. The interface for vendors really sucks and they know it - they are working on improving that in the next release next quarter. Desktop time tracker is awesome. Templates for projects and task templates and reoccuring tasks are also great. Calendar integrates with iCal and googl cal. All project communications are kept with the project and project files. iphone app is great for updating projects and assigning tasks on the fly.
It does everything we need it to do for our design studio.

Here is what I feel is missing (if it had these things it would the most AWESOME project management software EVER):
Desktop Widget to assign tasks without having to log-in.
Desktop Widget for chat or messaging integration (like SalesForce "Chatter")
Better CRM functionality. You can use this as a CRM (sorta) but they say they are working on this due to the high demand.
Dialetic type feature for auto-dialing directly from the software

Special Features I love:
General Task Assignments (remind yourself to pick up milk on the way home)
Notes: Allows you to add general notes about anything and everything (text only at this time). (Would love to see Evernote integration)
Bookmarks: Allows you to add various links to information or sites for projects
Expenses: Track project expenses for ease in billling

Integration with QB online is suppose to be release soon. When that happen, and they update the CRM functionality I will really never have to leave PWF except to open Creative Suite (and that is the way it should be).

Wish List:
Evernote Integration
More Desktop funtions beyond the project time tracker

I have been very pleased with prowork flow. It's been a great traffic and project management solution for us. Worth the time to set up and test drive.


Hi. I stumbled across this

Hi. I stumbled across this site and this thread as I was researching project management and CRM tools for our agency. Glad I found it! Does anyone have any recommendations for a project that does both project management and sales/pipeline/customer relationship management in one package? I was looking at Workamajig, but I think I might avoid that for now. We are a creative services production agency and we need to track projects and sales. Any feedback or recommendations would be much appreciated.



i am also interested in

i am also interested in investing Workamajig , what is the procedure to apply and what documents are needed .


Hi, There is a another online


There is a another online system called Chase that you guys should try out:
They have over 300 clients, and you can have it as an online SAAS option, or installed on your server.

It is 100% web based, built in ASP.Net 4.0, and is very user friendly.

You can try it out here (use FireFox for best results):

Username: Alex Booth
Password: stiletto

You can read more about them here:

Built by ad people, they been around for over 10 years, and put service as there number concern.

Email alan@chasesoftware.co.za for further info, you won't be disappointed!




Chase is the reason on I'm

Chase is the reason on I'm this platform looking for something better. It's completely crap. Doesn't do a fraction of what it could, not customizable, terrible piece of software. Wouldn;t recomend it to anyone. The only reason they have 300 customers is that there is not other local option in South Africa and I'm sure the decision makers in the local agencies probably have shares in Chase.


Holy crap, this thread is

Holy crap, this thread is long. Also stumbled on it while searching for a good tool to use for our studio. I have reviewed soooooo many tools, it's starting to get insane. We currently use ActiveCollab but it doesn't have enough functionality. We also use ZenDesk which is great for support our customers, plus the Agile team uses Mingle. We also have a tWiki. Web application overload! The problem is nothing really does everything we want, most of these apps do one thing really well and better than the others, and we also have to do our billing through Pegasus (that can't change).

I found www.copperproject.com yesterday, which looks amazing. I'm waiting on doing a demo with that.

I haven't done a requirements matrix yet but here's my list so far (will definitely narrow this down for demos!)


Thanks thread!


animoller, Can you share what

animoller, Can you share what did you ended up choosing? Are you happy?

I was sold on Workamajig before reading this thread but now I'm reconsidering. I've looked at several of the products you mentioned in your list.


In the many comments in this

In the many comments in this thread my contributions are probably already covered, but I'll way in anyway...

I find Basecamp pretty good. But I know people who swear by Salesforce and Mindjet, in case either of those has the features and focuses you want.



Hello ! I know this post is

Hello ! I know this post is going beyond the normal lengths of posts, but I have to chime in about the nightmare called Workamajig. Not only is their support ridiculously slow... it seems they only have one person responding to all requests so you have to hope and pray that he knows what he is talking about. The accounting function is a headache... I won't even get into those issues. And it is overcomplicated for absolutely no reason. The calendar sucks and the flash interface/load time has us watching the load bar for fun. Don't buy this product. I went to their Workamajig seminar last year and it was a ripoff. Everytime someone had a concern or question about the functionality they would say 'our developers are looking into it'. Upper management doesn't use the system, so they are reluctant to switch to another product so we sit here... slaves to the blue Workamajig beast.