I wanna make sure to include them in my portfolio,
as a challenge...
What's the product you hate to work for,
something that doesn't inspire you at all?

thats a good thought. really

thats a good thought.
really challenging and different.
worked on a few during my student days.

there's nothing that does'nt inspire
but keeping in mind what you mean,
i'd list (these may be debatable;)

make it 10 most challenging rather than boring products
these are pretty random.sorry, not giving you products
but categories > FMCG s mostly.

0 button / thread / needles - sewing material
1 company manufacturing match-boxes
2 incense sticks
3 newspaper
4 milk
5 wallet
6 soap
7 salt
8 any food ingredient

thats all i can think of at the moment.
but basically things which are
bourgeois; so commonplace and
ordinary that you encounter in
your daily life but tend not to

products often not very costly.
no glam stuff / not stlyish at all.

i hope you are getting what i mean.
things which are'nt considered cool,
if i were to put it in youth lingo.

avoid the nikes and the absoluts.
you might jus end up gettin shot.


For me....most boring

For me....most boring products would be where i have no freedom to go wild. That makes even Nike boring.

But for me...the top 10 boring products will be -

1. Jewellery.
2. Home appliance
3. Retail shops.
4. Corporate ads
5. Universities or Coaching centres
6. Salt (coz there is nothing new to show)
7. Some medical company
8. Real estate
9. Financial companies.
10. Software companies.