is there a diffrent between Graphic design and Jr art Director position??

hi there,
i got confuse here im just graduated major in advertising.i would like to apply for a job that can put creative in it like doing print ad,TVC,Billboard,etc.but not doing alot of graphic work like doing brochure packaging etc..

can u guys recommend me which direction of position should i apply?
thx a bunch=)

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what and if there's a difference between graphic designer and jr. ad depends on the agency and it's structure. but i can (unfortunately) promise you, that for any job you will also have to do things like brochures and packaging. that just comes along with the whole pack. especially since you're a starter. plus: don't apply for a position if you have no work experience.

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yes it depends on agencies. but I've read on the magazine in Indonesia, my country, that frsh graduate from advertising or visual communication design in bachelor degree, it can be immediately a jr art director, like me hehehe...but yes it depends on the agencies...and the title of jr ad could be a graphic designer too maybe...

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Brochures and packaging are Graphic Design.
TVC's and billboards are advertising.
As a graduate you should know this.
Become a junior Art Director in an advertising agency.