As we all know, getting a job in advertising isn't just a matter of knocking on Creative Directors' doors and wishing for the best.

Has anyone seen or heard of some memorable job hunting stunts that newbie creatives have pulled off that have really hit the mark?

i bullshitted my way into my

i bullshitted my way into my first ad job. I didn't really care about advertising at all, thought it might be cool...went in for an interview. I had a bunch of film projects that i worked on, showed them, they liked it. Then they asked me to make a 30 second spot about myself, and have it done next day by lunch. so i went out and made this, got the job too. now i love adverts!


I heard of one guy in

I heard of one guy in Singapore who put a custom branded toilet paper in the WC at an agency that read: "I'm willing to start from the bottom. Call me, etc.." The CD found it and hired the guy.