posting the same critique of an ad more than once does not make a point any more valid but instead highlights desperation for attention. a critique is not about the critic but the work in question. yet some on this site seem to think they have to post their (usually negative) opinion below all three, five, twenty executions of a campaign.

isn't there something we could do to prevent people from doing this?

yes, pet peeve.

u know what they say, great

u know what they say, great minds... have nothing to do and spend their days posting childish comments while browsing through forums.
and arguing with mesushovan...


I think it's an error

I think it's an error because of slow internet connections. People press the post comment button and then again and again till they see the page update. By this time the comment is already posted several times. I usually delete double comments. If I miss any let me know!


I don't mean the same

I don't mean the same comment twice below one ad, I mean the same comment under ad one, two and three or a campaign - on different pages.


an easy fix to double posts

an easy fix to double posts (to a single ad) would be to put in a minimum wait between making posts. Even 30 seconds would be enough to prevent most double posts.

As for posting the same comment to multiple ads, I think people that perpetrate this crime should be dragged from their homes and forced to listen to looping recordings of their inane thoughts, one sentence a day, for an entire month (for each offense). You can probably script that in AJAX ;)