well, some of you might have read about Leo Burnett's ad rating system, that is performed by the global product committee

it classifies ads into 10 numbers on a scale, where 10 is the absolute benchmark and 0 no comment

some specifics:

10 – Best in the world
9 – New standard in creativity
8 – Big idea
7 – Excellence in craft
6 – Fresh idea
5 – Innovative strategy
4 – Cliché
3 – Not competitive
2 – Destructive
1 – Appalling

I believe, they have some more detailed factors that specify each of these points, how otherwise can they rank their ads with this system?

What makes an idea or concept an innovative strategy? Is a big idea one, that can be executed through an integrated campaign on all of the different media channels?

I wished to know some more answers about it, since it seems pretty interesting when you are able to critize ads on a standardized system.

Anyone who can help?


So... excellence in craft

So... excellence in craft either is worth more than innovative strategy and fresh ideas, or an incorporation of both?

And idea is more important than strategy?


why don't we just say I like it enough to give it a 7 or something.


Its not like that I do not

Its not like that I do not think. A 'Big Idea' I would assume is the golden idea that ties in strategy, freshness, excellence etc. As you get down the ladder, the ad itself may be strong in certain respects but may be very overdone, may be off-strategy etc.


Hmmm... If rating perhaps a

Hmmm... If rating perhaps a better system is one where the Game/Tech Reviews use.



Graphics - 9
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 7
Story - 10

etc etc.


lets put in some more coins

lets put in some more coins into this spring, while noticing that this creative measurement might be far away from being perfect

for the big idea i think it's leading towards integrated campaigns, meaning that it's pretty suitable for the use in all different media and environments. Of course the minimum condition for this must be a really great idea (twisted, damn funny, stunning or nice big show). So if you have a really nice idea, that is recognized by everyone's guts and you can use it everywhere, that it's a big idea.

a new standard in creativity (coming one higher after big idea) then can be only something like using new media or spaces. If we look into the past, what was a new standard in creativity? The change from copy ads (twisted headline, normal image) to brazilian style ads (normal headline, twisted image) ???

Well number 10 is existing only for it's pure existence

for number 7 Excellence in craft it's definitely not only about art direction. In general i believe it means that the ad contains a really good sense of traditional advertising twist, that is creating buzz for the eye (attention), building emotional attachment to product, adworld or brand (interest), creating a with-the-product-my-life-is-better-feeling (desire -> advantage) and finally the call to action.
For the last one, im not sure where i have seen that recently, but it was something like: "You can find it at the soup cans shelf in the supermarket", which i found to be very comfortable, because in a sortiment of thousands of products its sometimes difficult to find sth new.

tough one now, but why is a fresh idea (6) below excellence in craft? is a fresh idea one, that is more unconventional, only working with a smaller target audience or on less channels and environments?

i have to do some research on the JWT scale


the rating cards at JWT

the rating cards at JWT usually raise more questions than they answer.
so does this similar system.

but it's not that bad to get a quick and rough impression of a bigger group's opinion towards an ad.