$2500 available for CONCEPT

TopCreatives is hosting a competition for the three best concepts submitted for a mobil social network. Submissons will be due on September 27th, 2007

The main idea is to express a situation where using an online backup system for your mobil phone would save you from some type of anguish.

For example: I frequently put my cellphone in my pocket, even when heading to the beach or the lake. I also frequently forget to take the phone OUT of my pocket when I go in the water.

My concept might illustrate how by using this service, I will not have lost the numbers of my contacts, even if I lost the phone in the water.

We are paying $2500, split amongst the top 3 submissions, as chosen by the client, into $1500 for 1st place, $625 for 2nd place and $375 for 3rd place.

Please check out and click on the brief.


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is there a deadline Nick?