Advertising Agency: Y&R Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Sylvia Soler
Art Director: Otto Canchani

Heineken Nutcracker

I fail to see a Christmas

I fail to see a Christmas link. And yes I do see the bottle but it's pretty vague to me.


I agree with Ivan. It's a

I agree with Ivan.

It's a nutcracker...and a bottle opener...AND it's shaped like a bottle?!?...and i'm confused.

Your idea is to connect beer and christmas, ok.
Unfortunately you've tried to fit two concepts into one execution:
1. a nutcracker that you also use to open your heineken bottle.
2. a nutcracker shaped like a heineken bottle.

They're both solid and both achieve your strategy, so either pick one or try both in separate executions.
Either get rid of the bottle shape, or get rid of the bottle cap.

If you get rid of the bottle cap, you'll just need to find a way to brand it as Heineken. A logo and quick tagline will probably work.

Hope this helps.


We’re hitting a cultural wall

We’re hitting a cultural wall here.

A bit of context:

In the Puerto RIcan market, this ad makes a lot of sense.

The Christmas season in Puerto Rico is a peak season for nuts (the edible kind—walnuts, filberts, hazelnuts, etcetera).

Therefore, to a viewer in Puerto RIco, the nutcracker connection is topical and obvious.

As for the aesthetics of the ad, it's a competently-designed ad, well suited for its purpose. I don't have a problem with it.

Remember, the success of an ad is predicated on its suitability to its target audience. It’s nice if it also sells.

Advertising is a worldwide practice. Meaning is local.

Just because an ad plays well in one country, it doesn’t mean it will be a hit in another.