Criminal Free Elections 2009-1
Meet your new
Defense Minister

Criminal Free Elections 2009-2
Meet your new
Finance Minister

Criminal Free Elections 2009-3
Meet your new
Home Minister

Criminal Free Elections 2009-4
Meet your new
Health Minister

Title Case:
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country):, Bangalore, India
Agency website:
Creative Director: Pavan Padakii
Art Director: Uma Shankar
Copywriter: Pavan Padakii
Other additional credits:

Published/Released/Aired (Month, Year): February 2009
Short rationale (optional): Elections in India attract lot of candidates with criminal background to contest. The campaign attempts to make citizens realize their responsibility to ensure their favorite party leaders don’t issue election tickets to criminals this election. The animals personify the criminal’s character in our country.

Criminal Free Elections 2009
Criminal Free Elections 2009
Criminal Free Elections 2009
Criminal Free Elections 2009

???!?? IS there a movement


IS there a movement afoot in Bangalore to elect rodents, reptiles, and birds to public office that I'm not aware of?

'Cuz I'll totally vote for the chameleon.


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright


i think animal activists

i think animal activists will get offended by these ads.
am not an animal activist but why demean animals?
also, each of these animals have their own merits. Not that they are criminals.
I agree the Campaign is very stark & grabs attention.
The layout looks good. Lesser copy. More impactful.


Interesting visualization of

Interesting visualization of common phrases that are the domain of the educated class. But they are the ones who don't vote. That brings one question to the fore- should this execution be an ideal one that talks to those who actually know the phrases and therefore can recognize the twist thrown in? What that means is a message that says, if you do not vote, these are the kind of politicians you end up with. Secondly, should there have been a little more research on 'animal traits' and associations with the portfolios? I would think so. Yes, the art direction, it's stark, but could have worked harder. Guys, these are my passing thoughts.


Decent looking layouts but

Decent looking layouts but guys, where's the idea and what exactly are you trying to say? Sorry but this is just not communicating. Comes across like a lazy scam ad campaign. Disappointing folks


I think it means you could

I think it means you could be electing a "snake," a "rat," a "chameleon," or an eagle (this one doesn't make sense to me) to office. AD could be better. Make the animals look seedier somehow. Maybe illustration?


are u nuts...this doesnt

are u nuts...this doesnt make ne sense wat so ever. i donno which way to look at this are you glorifying the politicians with the dignity, charisma and class that these gorgeous and misunderstood animals are blessed with or are u reducing these glorious animals to a merge human and worse a politician. either way. i think its horrid.


Hey, I know what you guys

Hey, I know what you guys are trying to say.It is an 'Indian' expression to say you are a snake, a rat, a vulture etc refering to the criminals.Criminals if they get elected, then the citizens are responsible.Indians have a liking for criminals in politics.Hope these ads get the Indian citzens to wake up and ensure the criminals dont get elected in the Great All Indian Elections in April 2009.Suggest you adapt them to bill boards in the cities of India.
An Indian Citizen who hates criminals as our Ministers!!