As we all know every couple of year’s calendar dates repeat themselves. The calendar of 2009 and 2015 are the same. Millennium Development goal 2015s final year is also 2015. So here is a calendar of 2009 that we designed and got Citi Bank NA to sponsor to remind and help us plan and do things from 2009 to empower women by 2015.

Although the dates of 2009 and 2015 calendars will be the same, we hope that in 2015 status of the women in Bangladesh will be totally different and be a shining example of true empowerment to the rest of the world.

Calendar 2015
Calendar 2015

Dude...that's very clever.

Dude...that's very clever. It's got that "I wish I'd thought of it" vibe.

Not sure why the unusual, 50's-ish layout is rubbing me the wrong way but I'll admit it's eye catching.

But the concept...the only difference between today and tomorrow is the empowerment you'll enjoy...that's rad dude.


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