Agency: Impact Plus Dubai


Copywriter: Ali Mokdad

Art Director Karla Bekhazi

Graphic Designer: Mohsen Mahbob, Amol Yadav

Client Servicing: Talal Sheikh Elard, Saad Yusif, Melis Izgi

Gillette-Season's Greetings

you must have worn a santa

you must have worn a santa hat!

but all in all the idea is very creative.

keep on the good work


Well of course I think its

Well of course I think its hilarious!! Very creative, and they chose the "best man they can get" for this ad. I just wonder what other color background might have worked with the red (not sure about the blue.)??


Thanks for the comments! So

Thanks for the comments! So far, there have been two or three posts regarding whether the ad has been done before. Can you please find it and post the link?

Many thanks!


I agree. A Very Bad

I agree. A Very Bad Execution. With good Art Direction and photographer it could work.

I mean its not a winner, a small but nice idea.


he's referring to the

he's referring to the corporate look. someone didn't think what background would make sense on an xmas card, what else could be done to make the santa claus even clearer. an example: would a foam santa hat have made it a quicker read or would it have made it too much? how about that blue background? usual PG background, should it be altered? how about the logo, it's size and placement?

bad execution means the art director hasn't done his or her job.