I know I need to push this idea further. I'm trying to get some money together so I produce this into an abient campaign. Anyone want to donate $500 and become a part of this project??? :)

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Art Director: Michael Griffith

Mr. Clean Eraser Pads

$500? You need to learn how

$500? You need to learn how to mock-up on a budget!

I like the idea; with some cardboard, some butcher paper and spray paint, you could make this for less than $50. You just need someone willing to let you vandalize their wall (maybe if you used something water-soluble instead of real spray paint).

i'm sorry to say, but

i'm sorry to say, but basically the exact same thing has been done years ago. nevertheless, i don't think you even need the huge sponge. just short "copy" on the wall will do.

Hartspueler: if you can find

Hartspueler: if you can find me a link to this "very same project idea" - I would appreciatye that. Before every project I do, I do extensive research and couldn't find a thing on if they went this direction.

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

I'm in the same camp as he

I'm in the same camp as he is, feeling vaguely that I know the idea from somewhere.

doesn't matter though. you're not showing me something in an unexpected light, introducing me to your way of seeing things, surprising me. I don't look at this and think "oh fuck, that is so smart, I wanna hire him." that's the ONLY reason to invest money or time into a spec ad though, so kill this.

yes, kill. letting go is the toughest part.

I'm with Krautland on this

I'm with Krautland on this one. It's not new and surprising enough... It's a thought every creative will have when they are looking for an ambient for this product. I how I have...

So you're telling me you

So you're telling me you what ONE person to donate $500 of their money to become a part of this.

Question 1: How much are you donating
Question 2: Why cant you get someone who doesn't blow at photoshop and give them the amount you were planning on donating?
Question 3: How much money have you wasted at your design school so far? I don't think 500 is going to cover even 1/3 a semester buddy.