I was thinking of a form of advertising, specifically for malls where the ads shall float in mid air in the middle column of the buildings where there is nothing. A projector type device will be placed on the ground floor and shall create virtual screens that shall advertise the shops and brands within the malls. If possible, each floors ads will be specific to the shops on those floors. In that case, the ads shall be silent. If the ads are not floor specific, they can have audio also as the same ads shall show on each floor. This will help shop owners advertise their products and offers more effectively to the visitors. The impact shall be much more intense and sales shall increase in great magnitudes if done properly. The idea is loosely based on the "Tele-presence" technology by cisco. I would like to know your thoughts on it and if this has been tried before.

You might be interested to

You might be interested to see what Digital Domain did to create the hologram of late Tupac Shakur, which "performed" at the music festival. Digital domain won the 2012 Titanium Lion Award from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
After Tupac's death they made him to "come alive on stage and perform with Snoop Dogg" in a music festival which is according to Cannes Lions, "new form of entertainment — virtual performers."

So installing the system in the mall is an unique visual treat of course.
But, it will be very expensive I suppose. Because the company had to file bankruptcy after the show. :(
It is the company which was associated with the movies like, "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Transformers" and Cameron's "Titanic." The company won an Oscar for its work on reverse-aging Brad Pitt's character in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."
And THAT company went to in my opinion, money-wise: "NO.............maybe later."


But the company was in debt

But the company was in debt before the concert. I am aware of the expenses, but i want to know if the idea can be effective as far as increasing sales for retailers is concerned. And also if the application "aviate" would be a competition to it in any way?

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