I'm working at a fruit stand/mini market that sells mostly fruit and vegetables, honey, nuts and other stuff. I need to make a few signs that will be placed on the side of the highway before the store and past it (for the other side of traffic). Right now I have "generic" signs that are hard to read (because of small letters and lot of copy) along with some prices, which I don't like because prices change. I need something catchy, easy to read and that will attract customers. I need ideas asap as I'm looking to make the signs by end of the week. Some ideas that I have are: simply draw out different fruit for each sign, then an arrow pointing where to turn. Or, something along the line "If you haven't stopped here before, now is the time" and "If you have, we 'd love to see you again" along with a couple other signs of what we sell. I'll appreciate any ideas, thanks!

I would use emphasise words

I would use emphasise words such as fresh, tasty, tangy, etc . For example "fresh and juicy strawberries are today's special" "Tangy Oranges direct from the farm" "tasty potatoes, add butter for a mouthwatering combination"