Hello Friends,

I recently have gotten accepted to one of the best Advertising majors in the US, at The University of Texas at Austin.
Soon the semester will kick off and I want to start working on what I suppose to from the very beginning.
UT has 3 different programs:
-Advertising Management

To apply for the Creative you have to write a paper and basically blow away the committee who will be reviewing it. Hard to get into and very competitive. I love it.
The Media supposed to be easier to get in, but from my knowledge it is more resume based.
The Advertising Management program is either if somebody just wants to pursue this program; got denied from the Creative or the Media; or didn't submit application.

I thought I want to pursue the Creative program, but now I have doubts. I'm asking for your opinion.

I was in film major but changed to advertising. I think I am a pretty good cinematographer and I have a great eye. My ideas are outside of the box and honestly I think they are really good. Any types of ideas, not just film. I am an international student and in 2 years being in the US I have accomplished more then many students their whole life.

On the other hand I am really into new technologies and tools, I love psychology of advertising and figuring out how people will perceive what, planning and strategies, and all this ad psychological mixture. It excites me as well and it's more towards the Media program.

3rd option isn't really appealing to me.

When I think about my career, I would want to be somebody who works closely with the visual medium, video/broadcast. Video is getting big and everyone knows that. Commercials on YouTube, on smartphones, not mentioning the whole internet and TV. We know this will be evolving. People want everything fast, you have only 3-5 second to grab somebody's attention in your 30 seconds commercial. That requires a great idea, pre-production, production, then post, and delivering the same (very similar) video on different platforms, devices, to different countries, etc. That is amazing for me and I would really want to work with it.

Anybody can help with what options do I have? The Creative program will be better option in that situation? I love the design, photography, I make my own movies, I have my own small production company. But I need more insight from the people who are in the industry and know more about it.

Thanks everybody for your insight and opinions.



Interesting you wrote that. I have never thought of that. What made you think I want to be a copywriter?

I wish I could start working on my paper right away, but the thing is, they give the topic 2 weeks before the deadline. The topic itself is a sentence or even just a word. Something very random.

Looking forward to your response.