Maybe most of advertising people pay close attention to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival these days. As a festival of creativity, Cannes Lions is a great event of advertising. But have you ever heard of the ROI Festival?
Now maybe I can tell you something about it!
ROI Festival is set to reward the most innovative brands and enterprises, encouraging them to gain the maximize market returns with limited budget in creative industry. "ROI" means return on investment.How to build up brands to achieve its commercial success with contribution of creativity is very valuable for businesses! ROI Awards is organized to inspire brand owners & product design firms, agencies, media and production houses to produce best work in product design and creative communications.

Here you can see the video of ROI Festival!

Advertising Festival! ROI Festival!

ROI is a good name choice -

ROI is a good name choice - infact Advertisements are one of the main streams where every industry is investing to generate leads!!...