"Mouth full of words", speech and spoken word competition
emphasize that there is only you and your mouth full of words nothing else matter
(This was a high school level competition)

Yunus Uslu - Spoken words Competition - 2013

thanks for the comments guys

thanks for the comments guys
90% of the contestants, or prospective contestant's are African American
so that was basically my target audience, i agree it is kind a creepy, i was thinking that it should be over the edge
to get attention of a "i know everything" type of high school student
but i agree, maybe i gone too far


the main problem isnt that it

the main problem isnt that it's creepy or attention-grabby.

it's that it is nothing more than a literal visual-resolution. all it says is, literally "a mouth full of words"
but it doesn't say what that accomplishes, what one gets out of being literate and well-versed.

This pure "attention-grabbing" technique may very well work in terms of getting people curious to the event and it may very well be what the brief asks for, but when you show it to other advertisers, they won't be at all impressed. So, i wouldn't put this in your portfolio to show to CDs.