After ten years of jumping from job to job, I'm trying to narrow down what I want to do and stay on one path. Right now, I'm a junior designer at a company specializing in UI/UX and still have a lot to learn. At the same time, I'm also taking an online course in copywriting where I'm mostly creating print ads. My dream job would be a Creative or Art Director

The reason why it has taken me a long time to focus on something is every time I start a new job, it soon becomes obsolete and I get laid off. Journalism and music video are some examples. I enjoy creating print ads but wondering how much longer they will even be relevant. Would love to hear from people currently working in advertising what your thoughts are about how the digital world is changing advertising and what that means for people currently building a portfolio. I think I should stick with copywriting, but do you think it's useful to be doing UI/UX design at the same time?

It sounds like you don't

It sounds like you don't really know what you want. You say your dream job would be an Art Director...yet you're studying copywriting? That doesn't make much sense. If you want to be an art director, then you need to find a copywriter who already has solid skills and build your portfolio, which to answer your question, should certainly have traditional media like print ads, but also new media as well. Print will always be relevant, but not by itself.


Print Ads might be dimnishing

Print Ads might be dimnishing but not to forget ; if u believ you posess some talent this would be the best opportunity for you to Come up with!
Beat the digital media with your print ads!


The future of advertising?

The future of advertising? Now I think it is a content. This is something what attracts the customer. It seems to me that the biggest impact is the promotion video everyone like to see something fun or strange and we can use it like a advertising.

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I am not an advertising

I am not an advertising professional, but I would say print ads' days are numbered. I am a 22 year old student and I rarely ever pick up a magazine or newspaper anymore because everything I need or want is online. Creating print ads may be more interesting to do, but specializing in UI/UX design is a smart choice. Many older companies are going to have to start making changes to fit this trend going away from print ads and they are going to need designers to help them fine-tune more practical ways to reach a modern, tech-savvy consumer.
cecille suggested you look into preparing a promotional video, but as I recently learned in class, creating a hit viral video is difficult. TNT went viral with their "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square" video, involving a suspicious red button in a quiet, Belgian plaza. Their first attempt brought in a huge amount of views and shares - the video currently has over 51 million views today. However, the "sequel" to their first ad, "A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day," did not gain nearly as much attention, receiving only 14 million views on Youtube. Even if you manage to go viral, that video will likely be some sort of "one-hit wonder" and you will not do as well on subsequent attempts.


I think that the experience

I think that the experience gained from different disciplines have been doing is very helpful. I myself have dealt with different things and everything to me is in handy in the present work. Best


You will be successful if you

You will be successful if you follow the path which you like to do most, anyone who makes their passion their profession they are most likely to succeed.


Living without an aim is like

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. you should Clear your objectives,Even there is no end to learning!


Printing ads sounds shaky for

Printing ads sounds shaky for me. Advertisement agency changes the way they do promotion activities pretty soon. I think you should learn every thing you are interested and change your career according to the need of the survival.