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I post today to ask for your help with some insights for a video. I would like to make this video viral but I am still searching for the brilliant idea to make this material a “must see and share” .

I am working on a product that is related to client meetings and how to improve them. I am looking for inspirational stories about all the things that can go wrong in client meetings. From stomach growling when you are sitting next to the client, to receiving an email from the clients’ biggest competitor during the meeting. I would greatly appreciate your input and all the comments would be helpful.

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For me the worst of all was

For me the worst of all was when I was giving a presentation in PowerPoint... at one point, I had to show my client a file, so I minimized the PowerPoint and start searching for the folder. I was opening the file when some angry messages from my ex-boyfriend poped up on Gmail. The client laugh but it wasn't funny, really...:(