I'm currently working on this Paper I have to write for a school assignment!
I'm very curious to your opinion about whether or not Guerrilla Marketing is a serious marketing instrument!?

Tell me what you think and !?

I think Guerrilla Marketing these day's can be seen as very popular due to the Economic crisis we are all in,
because it's a very cheap way of advertising. Another fact is that you can reach a huge percentage of your
target group (audience) and measure it's effectiveness!

So, please tell me what you think about Guerrilla Marketing as a serious marketing instrument ?

Guerrilla Marketing a serious marketing instrument ?

I think guerrilla marketing

I think guerrilla or ambient can be a great marketing tool if used properly.

Basically, it comes in two parts. First the the set up, like depicted in this photograph. A clever, witty shrewd use of urban furniture, or a well placed billboard or whatever. But this won't make the brand sell more of their stuff on its own. That where the second part comes in, which is crucial. The buzz. It's basically the whole point of ambient, it's to make people talk about it, i.e. like it, share it, digg it, pin it, tweet it, etc...

Only a few people will see the actual thing, but potentially millions will see it on their screen or hear about it on the news. That's what it is all about.

Hope it helps! Good luck on your assignment.


I have a great interest in

I have a great interest in guerrilla marketing. I find it creative, fun, different, and, if done right, useful. Shawali touched on a key point though. While guerrilla marketing schemes may look really cool if seen in person, they only have the potential to attract a certain amount of attention from the local crowd. Using a guerrilla marketing scheme in correlation with youtube, news channels, social media, and even turning a guerilla marketing scheme into a marketing campaign and taking it from streets, to print, to web and tv is what makes guerilla marketing work. I have seen agencies take a guerilla marketing scheme and a turn it into a major commercial.

My city, Raleigh, NC, host SparkCon every year. SparkCon is a street chalk art event. A street going through the middle of our city is shut down and hundreds of squares are drawn on the street. They are then sold to the public and are used for a huge street chalk art competition. Year after years different school, agencies, companies, etc use this as a chance to market themselves. All of this takes place right outside of our local news station. The better the chalk art is, the more publicity you get. This is a fun form of guerilla marketing that really gets the user involved with the people of the community. If their square wins an awards, bonus points.


I think guerrilla marketing

I think guerrilla marketing is a serious tool for modern marketers, and has proven a successful strategy in the past. Guerrilla marketing is a strategy in which low-cost, alternative means of advertising such as, the use of graffiti, sticker bombing, flyer posting, street art etc. Guerilla marketing tactics are usually used in a localized manner to draw awareness to an idea, product, or service.

Guerrilla marketing was initially used by small and medium sized businesses, but it is increasingly being adopted by big business. I think the reason behind this is to save money and still attract a large amount of awareness, like you said. The idea of guerrilla marketing comes from an unusual system of promotion that depends on patience, liveliness, and creativeness rather than a big advertising budget. In general, guerrilla marketing promotions are unanticipated and irregular, potentially interactive, and have the customers engaged in unexpected places. The goal of guerrilla marketing is to craft a unique, engaging, and stimulating impression to generate buzz.
Guerrilla marketing still however involves aspects of regular modern marketing approaches to advertising, such as targeted promotional motivated encounters in open places, giving away products in the street, PR stunts, or any conventional marketing that is intended to get results and create a memorable brand experience. Modern approaches to guerrilla marketing often employ mobile and digital technologies. This allows advertisers to connect to consumers emotionally and enough to hopefully cause a campaign to go viral, and in so doing realizing maximum profits on a relatively low initial investment.


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