Ex/Used Real/School Advertising Brief

Hello, My name is Alfianda Karuza, I'm an Advertising student 2nd year in Indonesia

Firstly I want to ask your kindness because my English is not good at all

Secondly I really want to ask if you have any Used Brief for me to do (is it ethical and possible?) , because I have this big curiosity in Advertising, and I have this somewhat feeling when I saw Advertising Brief to be done, especially ambient thing, it drives me insane and makes me want to do it so much, and also I need to ask you this because I don't have many advertising friends here so please if you would kindly give that holy piece of brief

And finally I felt that my creativity is not that good compared to professional creatives, but I love to learn a lot and if there's anything I could help to brainstorm, swapping ideas or any concept-making or any ad-making just tell me, I'd love to help you out!

Big Thanks!

and if you do have please send me to, thank you, very very much.

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You don't need a brief to make spec campaigns. That's the whole point of fictitious advertising. You're not constrained by a brief made by the client or the account manager. It let you use your creativity at its full potential. You have the freedom of not being part of a big organisation. So use it.

Of course, there are a few golden rules to follow, which mainly are common sense. I'd advise you to buy Luke Sullivan's book "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This". You'll learn everything to need to know about building a strong portfolio. Look it up on amazon.

Here are a few pointers, though :

- Avoid doing campaigns for products such as Viagra, condoms, Wonderbra or anything that has to do with "save the water/earth/animals/food/children/etc." These are the type of ads you'll find in a bad portfolio. Why? Most of the time, they turn out to be pretty bad since the bar has been set pretty high. What can a student do against thousand of agencies all over the world working their collective asses off to come up with something original? Unless you're the undiscovered Mozart of the ad world, don't bother.

- My second advice would be to structure the way you create your campaigns: don't rush to photoshop as soon as you think you got a good idea. Chances are, it won't be. Instead, pick a day-to-day product, do a bit of research on it (history, what has been done so far in terms of advertising...), identify an USP (Unique Selling Point), which is that little detail in the product that makes it stand out among its concurrency and will compel the customer to buy it. From that USP, find a strategy, ie the angle you're gonna choose to present said USP. Then, from that strategy will stem the creative ideas And only then.

- My final advice would be to find a partner to create these spec campaigns with. If you're destine yourself to be a copy writer, for example, try to find an aspiring art director. Creation is like sex, it's better to be at least two. Alone, it can be pretty boring with the time =)

Don't hesitate to post your work on the exhibition forum to get some feedback.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much Mr Shawali for the feedback, it is so straight to what I was looking for!, but yeah I havent met a good art director/copywriter partner, and sometimes I want to see a professional brief too, just to get some boundaries and doing things with limits and trick it out.. thank you once again, I'll get my ass moving and doing one right now and I'll be looking forward to see feedback for my works from you too,