Question about Academic Approach - Any and All Information Acceptable

Hello Everyone,

So here is my question, and trust me when I say I have been trying to locate more information on the matter, but haven't had any luck at all.

I am a current student at a University and had a question about the benefits/opportunities or any general information, personal or professional examples or instances that any one could provide - it would be Greatly appreciated.

I am majoring in Marketing, and have chosen Journalism as my minor.

Does anyone have any insight into this desired combination of academic study?
Whether you yourself did the same thing, know some one that has, or just have a good understanding on the application of them.

The reason I ask is because I am ultimate refining the path I want to take - so I am just trying to find some basic information on the basis of those two areas - leaving out other details that I would also invest into my career.

Like I said - Any and All Information is Welcome - whether you heard something by word of mouth, have an idea of the outcome of having a focus in both of these areas, etc. Mainly, because I find that certain aspects of marketing and certain aspects of journalism (primarily advertising) overlap - so it would seem more beneficial than I initially realized to focus in on these two academic fields.

Hopefully I hear back from some people! I guess we will see!