Advertised brand: guinness beer
Advert title(s): guess who
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Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): studio french, atlanta, us
Agency website: http://
Creative Director: kevin blackwell
Art Director: kevin blackwell
Copywriter: kevin blackwell
Photographer: morgan cooper
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guinness beer ad

the thing is that the

the thing is that the connection has to happen in your mind otherwise it's a "so what" situation or at least i think so...


i understand the

i understand the aesthetically pleasing side of having no logo. but do you think that perhaps, to people unlike myself and maybe you... the ones that are NOT familiar with guinness and the distinct look of guinness, oh perhaps havent even HEARD of guiness, they would need a call to action. otherwise, its just a "guessing" as to what frothy, dark beverage im the ad is speaking to. that is reasoning... what do you think?