Hi guys,

I hope you can help me with this Ad. I created this stuff a while ago and some top creatives really liked but other don't.It's a kind weird Ad to love or hate. The reason might be the message is not clear and maybeif I change the endline it can helps to understand the ad. What you know about sudoku? It,s a game to find the right numbers, to put in the right place? I try to say with this ad how frustrated is in any life situations when the numbers are not there for strange reasons. Hope you can give me your opinion. thanks

Please, tell me with line u think works better.

- Go figure
-Get better at figure it out
- Don't let the numbers mess you around
- Don't be beaten by numbers

thanks a lot for your comment!!!


Game Boy Sudoku (struggling)
Game Boy Sudoku (struggling)
Game Boy Sudoku (struggling)
Game Boy Sudoku (struggling)

I have seen these ads

I have seen these ads before. Where was it? Are these yours?

Good work. I really like the first 2, but not the others. Try a little more art direction here. And by the way, stick with "Go figure". To me, it's the best.
In God I trust


Brandon, I wouldn't comment

Brandon, I wouldn't comment your crit if wasn't you who wrote a great comment long time ago. It means you liked before now it doesn't work??? Thanks...

First off, let me say that I don't care much for this work.

But I was at the grocery store this weekend and I picked up a kiwi from a huge "kiwi triangle" in the produce section. The whole stack almost came down onto the floor. I was like, "wholey sh*t, I've got an idea!" - "Jenga, the game you already play." Then I realized I only thought of it because I had remembered seeing your ads here. (And the fact that with Jenga, you restack your pieces, so I was ignoring part of a key insight).

So, gullhermeluz, my hat is off. You made me remember your campaign. And a memorable campaign is what we all strive to achieve.