This was a brief which demanded a message that would convince people to holiday within one's native land rather than spending loads os cash abroad.
The advertisement should draw the attention to a website where there would be benefits of touring withing within ones own country.
The jackass in the Ad is a Brand identity which tells the people in the website the benefits.

I am looking for views, if constuctive I will accept gleefully.

Holiday ad
Holiday ad
Holiday ad

bad layout, bad copy, boring

bad layout, bad copy, boring visuals.
there's no idea here.
isn't the donkey the one from shrek?

If you're not much of a copywriter, try doing visual things with simple copy.
If you want to show there are snowy mountains in india, show a snowy mountain with some unexpected indian visual,
like a Shiva made out of snow or whatever.

Also consider other benefits of not traveling abroad, like not having to deal with flights, with airports, languages you don't understand, people who take advantage of you because you are a tourist, etc.

Its better to somehow show an Emotional benefit somehow.

Try to be more simple, surprising and visually interesting.

good luck.

oh, and i think they spell it Sikkim not Sikim.


I really dont like the

I really dont like the layout, it seems like it hasn't been thought about enough and the donkey totally devalues the campaign making it look naff. sorry. not to keen on the font either.

There is nothing to back up what you are saying apart from some snowy hills, people like to go abroad either for a cultural difference, weather or some emotional attachment, thats what you have to portray in these ads.