Hi all, i am student Graphic Designer From India, Recently i designed and conceptualized a AD on a Social issue of Smoking...
i am posting here to get some critique.

Hope you like it.

For any queries :

The art direction is pretty

The art direction is pretty good, but such ideas have been done so many times. Also, why the middle finger? Is it giving me a finger? It's a little confusing...


this is a good work, but you

this is a good work, but you need to re locate your headline in a nicer way, its bulky and the font isnt nice, i think its helvetica or arial, right?


everartz I don't see what's

everartz I don't see what's good about that? Are you outta your mind? This is as bad as it gets.
Ivan, obviously the middle finger is a reference to the penis...You sure can be slow sometimes...
It says Sexual Health...
Very bad ad.


Medical evidence suggest that

Medical evidence suggest that cigarette smoking causes an increase in the body's metabolic rate and may suppress appetite. But it is important to note that smoking tends to dull the taste buds, which, after all, may be the reason for the “loss of appetite.” This argument is somehow supported by cases of people who gained weight after they stopped smoking. Since their taste buds had already regained their functionality, the former smokers enjoyed their meals more and eventually gained some weigh.