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Jacopo Spina
Creative Director

Jacopo Spina also known as Thor, but also for friends Phelps Paperoga, was born in distant 1990 in Aprilia , but has lived in Italy for a few years only.
He cultivated his childhood wandering by Bonn (the main street of the Aprilia city , with designer shops and famous advertising dealers) with a group of indigenous people native food gathering on street corners and stealing shopping at Coop poor old lame.

After a short time, however, he realizes that his way is abroad and decided to seek his fortune in America, far away capital of the Lazio region, to reach which steals a gray Nissan Micra which systematically forget to add oil.

Find a home in Iena Studios, famous communications agency that counts among its members and employees famous characters of leaders in the web of which at the moment can not remember the name.

Jacopo does not know the language spoken in the study and climbs on the mirrors at random babbling voice and unleashing the hilarity of his colleagues, who appreciate his loquacity full of nonsense and stuna also known as Thor, but also for friends Phelps Paperoga, and he increases its cultural and professional background, learning to use cutting-edge softwnningly ability to chew, which makes it capable of exterminating a plate of six chicken cutlets in less than a minute.

It is in the offices of Iena Studios Jacopo learn high-end programs like Image Viewer for Windows, Trash and Notepad.

His growth is exponential so that our hero, wearing the clothes of Thor, he decides that it is time to make the leap. And so, after the Aprilian metropolis with the natives-stealing trucks and Latin America with famous colleagues, Jacopo Spina moved to Dublin, where he tried to enter the Guinness advertising team.

Jacopo Spina now lives permanently in Dublin, where he currently works for Zerogrey Ltd, which selected him after discarding thousands of aspirants to the post and after assessing in a very positive interview during which our hero has impressed the leadership with record of most known shortcuts in a single sentence.

Occasionally Jacopo Spina return back in Italy, offering huge linguistics terms at his colleagues and continuing to devour mixed starters and sliced Brazilian ​​entrecotte with the same speed with which Bolt runs the 100 meter dash.

Love and Sarcasm has been used for this Bio.