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Diego Rionda
Art Director
Green House at Ogilvy & Mathers, Paris / Miami Ad School
United States

Born in Mexico City, moved to Rochester NY at the age 16, came back at 18, moved to
Barcelona Spain at the age of 24, came back and moved again at the age of 29 to South Beach Florida, at the age of 30 the journey took me to Paris, This year is full of mysteries, what’s certain is that 3 more cities will leave a special mark in my life

Walking the path of this wonderful journey called life I became a mental image collector, a creative person; I live by unfolding concepts and letting loose the reins of my imagination—by combining my creativity with the visions of the places I have been and the people I have met along the way to create something special. As a graphic designer, painter, photographer, art director, actor and filmmaker by trade and crazy by nature visually expressing ideas in my own individual style has been my breakfast, lunch and dinner for years. But I’m hungry for more.

Hobbies: whatever sport is in season, Ice Hockey, Rock climbing, Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Scuba diving, Soccer, Paragliding, Kitesurf, and my most recent acquisition Triathlons I’ve done them all.

Actually I was training for my first half Iron man, but days before the competition I started classes at Miami Ad School.