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sayyed aamir
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merry men

The rap written by me you should read it
i wana hit my head on the steal led and wana get full wet wid mah tiny swets...
i wana touch da sky,
will do dat widout teling a lie.
i wana live for mah parents and fo mah girl,
which will give me spirit and will make da world go swirl.
ill try to do mah best,
wid lots of hope in mah chest.
em thankfull for everything iv got,
ill jus try to work more hard to collect lot.
above was mah personal things,
now come down to know how em flying widout wings.
i think mahself as a decent boy,
who know's how to laugh and enjoy.
luv to hear songs wid pleasant tones,
sometimes even i dance and collect pain in mah bones.
i luv to go faster in mah bike,
which will one day lead to death as a strike!
mah name is sayyed aamir,
i leave in da world of magik.
mah friends thing em crazy,
which makes me feel dazzy.
mah relativ think em a Flirter,and will always be the same,
this words go's in mah brain and makes me insane.
for me its too high to touch the sky
but its not true that i can't learn how to fly.
in mah life iv come to know many claim,
which leads to internal pain,
which is outa mah brain
sometimes i dream in da day,
which gives me a perfect way.
to live for,
and will do it sure.