Drunk driving awareness/prevention ad ideas

I'm just and ordinary guy with no experience whatsoever in design or copywriting. I don't own a Mac nor do I have any experience in the use of ANY design programs. I don't consider myself a designer or a copywriter by any means. I just seem to have an innate passion for coming up with ad ideas which I personally feel have potential, but would like to receive the candid opinion of all of you who are well-seasoned in the areas of design and copywriting. I would very much like to pursue my passion further by learning some design programs and perhaps buying a Mac, but would first like to know from all of you who have taken the moment to look at my work whether or not you feel that I may have some potential for this work.

These ad ideas that I have been recently posting here at AOTW had been previously posted on Creative Bits. I decided to post here at Ads of the World for additional critiques. I would greatly appreciate comments on the ad concept/idea.

Drunk driving awareness/prevention ad ideas
Drunk driving awareness/prevention ad ideas
Drunk driving awareness/prevention ad ideas
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Modal Writer
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seems like pretty familiar territory, but the lines have a nice twist to them, but the art direction needs help (I take it you're a writer?)

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The third one have some impact on me cos my cousin died with tow of his friends for the same reason and all of them young... So three exactly as its in the ad... GOD.

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drunk dave
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Lose the image search, pick up a pencil and piece of paper and start scamping ideas. Your visuals are driving you headlines (or vice versu). Nothing wrong with what you're doing, but I guarantee you that a blank page and any image you could photograph will give you better concepts. Keep it up.

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I like the headlines, but I think they could have more conection between them. What I mean is that I think you still have
to specify a little more a main concept. Then, create the headlines, they will be more powerfull becuase you are good

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No fixed abode
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Yeah, you've got potential. Sloppy copy especially in the last one ("may seem like fun?" People don't drink and drive with friends because it is fun.) But your headlines are OK. Also what Drunk Dave said. Pen and paper.

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I will say, that for someone without formal training, your lines are pretty good. Your potential seems to rest in your copywriting skills.

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hey I do think you have potentail because when I clicked here I thought they were real adds. Keep it up and I like your slogans but they could be a bit shorter. Good work!!

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simply mind blowing work , hats off to the creativity

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Your sixpack line is very original.

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i liked it very well myself. you can probably lose the image too. the words create the image themselves—that's good copy.

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really really nice.

The last one is really awesome.

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Hey my name is connor, im in Airforce JROTC and am doing an alcohol abuse program with some other cadets, and I would like to use your first Drunk driving poster add if thats ok. The one with the truck on top of the car.

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Your first idea have an amazing potential. It can go further. If you can only send that message in a creative manner.

What I do recommend is that read books about advertising. is a high grade software training tutorials. In fact its the website my university chose for students to teach themselves (use to be real instructors but they found out that people's skills varies in contrasting degree).
If money is an issue, I'm sure you tube have a lot of tutorials. Make use of google!

It's easier to criticize than to create.

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y do people drink it is bad for you