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September 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Thailand for Zwilling, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Nikrom Kulkosa, Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Creative Directors: Vasan Wangpaitoon, Juntiga Nasunee
Art Director: Natee Likitsuwankool
Copywriter: Thanasorn Janekankit
Photographer / Retoucher: Chubcheevit

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Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
Activity Score 828

I think the apple would look more important and desired on the white plate (it could be more shiny thus real and tasty, too).

silenciorn's picture
Activity Score 153

actually, they're all looking at the plate... if you trace a line from the eyes of the soldiers...

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

awenindo's picture
Activity Score 215

I wonder what would happen if someone were to trace a line around your brain. Would it be a dot?

esotericusername's picture
Activity Score 313

I think your comment would be better if you were intelligent.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
Activity Score 828

I think it says you're 12.

(And your mom is fat. I'm only 10.)

theoneandtheother's picture
Activity Score 113

like it a lot

sloppy4's picture
Activity Score 1492

you don't need a knife. the guy with the gun should just shoot everyone and take the whole thing.

brain123's picture
Activity Score 830


liliani's picture
Activity Score 12

like it

kareena's picture
Activity Score 39

the photography is excellent. the art direction is good as well. and the idea is nice. but the reason i wouldnt vote for it is that it is just way too scammy!
if people are going to do scam, i suggest they at least make it plausible that the client they are 'representing' would actually have commisioned the type of ads they are showing.

sneakyhands's picture
Activity Score 1857

luckily he packed his apple slicing knife in addition to the throat slitting knife.

CR_AD's picture
Activity Score 413

The idea is good but I find that comments are strangely good, while the version of the nun is bad, only the army is appropriate.

Abhishek Borde's picture
Abhishek Borde
Activity Score 26

Its bullshit

SeanMartin's picture

Nothing like trivializing a serious situation for the sake of making a buck.

Kamelaman's picture
Activity Score 26

Very Bad Photo!!!!!!

slip's picture
Activity Score 919

uh uh.