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Activity Score 3647

This is my favorite of the campaign. The needle stuck through the paper... This is beautiful long copy.

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if only they didn't use this font for the copy text... maybe they had to. too bad, makes the whole ad look a bit cheap.

love the needle.

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Glad to see some copy, but I didn't really find the actual writing that inspired.

Love the Art Direction though, and it is pretty different for a bank.

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Speaking as a bit of an expert on type, the choice of font for the body copy is a bit strange when they have gone to so much effort with the rest of the ad, maybe a serif along the lines of Centaur or Bembo Italic would have been more appropriate, and there lies the rub, the font is neither right nor wrong just inapropriate when the rest of the ad seems to have been crafted so loveingly.
Nice ad though.

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Ho-hum copy. So much potential, but it's uninspiring. And "got more famous" sounds so awkward. There's no concept here, just a dull story.