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its quite funny....!! but Zidane looks like he is drunk and leaning on the wall

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Mtl Dave
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Yes... I think that's how you look when you do such a thing...

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frou frou
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this is really great. I think it gives exactly "the moment"

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Arthur davies

Simply delightful!
Why not take that sharp corner off the day with a smooth cold one,
Football and beer go hand in hand like honey and bees.
What better way for a major drinks company to condone violent pitch behaviour infront of mass audiences than to have someone who head buts people in the chest to endorse their product.
Simple and effective.
"Cool down your anger" drink chemically enhanced hops.

If only my long since passed away father could have taken heed of this advert and chosen to like football instead of boxing,
and beer instead of whisky. Maybe I would not have grown up to be who I am today and would have not chosen this career in advertising?
who knows?
one thing I do know is that with witty adverts like this, the pain is breifly swept under the carpet in a tom and jerry cartoon dust way and replaced with a brief ammount of happiness that beer can provide.

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And the overthinker award this week goes guessed it, Arthur!

And this week we have a special "lets bitch incomprehensibly to bore others" award so well done, you should be proud

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Arthur davies

My Dear Example,.
I have been working in the advertising industry since 1978.
People and trends in advertising have come and gone.
It seems in this decade we spend 8 hours a day sat infront of computers back patting other creatives for their efforts without really giving any humour back to once was a great industry.
I'm guessing your a young go getter?
You chaps do seem to lack in sense of Irony and sarcasm.
Something that is useful in advertising.
Why even now as you read this. I'm sure your well manicured , blister-free fingers glide effortlessly over that brushed metal key board as your wireless reception seems to decrease in quality depending on how many people are in that coffee shop.
I enjoy wasting my day writing on this website. I enjoy even more the fact schmuks* like you waste even more time getting annoyed with my comments. I have allot of dear friends on this site who welcome my witty repor. and for those I will continue to undermine the seriousness of the industry. I employ boys like you to work their asses off only for me to openly laugh at your pittiful results. I keep you on, even though today you are on the customer side of that coffee bar counter. Tomorrow you may well be on the other side serving up luke warm froth.

*schmuk: a term used to describe a foreskin.

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My guess you're a bored copywriter.

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Is Martin one of your dear friends on this site?

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I very much doubt he's a copywriter his spelling is appaling. I'm guessing he's some bitter failed designer.

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Arthur davies

My dear,
I have no idea who Martin is! but it's great!
and no I'm not a copywriter.
I'm Chief exec of a leading advertising company in NY and europe.
But I still like to get my fingers dirty sometimes on the design and creative floor.

ok, enough serious talk.. and back to the random confusion :)

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sounds like the people that work under you have a lot of respect for you! see we do understannd irony and sarcasm...

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zidane's a moslem right? so he could not drink beer.
But the ideas is funny though. X-D

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Alcohol is an Arabic word. And, the Holy Koran doesn't say you can't drink alcohol specifically. It just talks about mind altering substances in general. Why are cigrattes allowed?

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Bro, neither Alcohol nor cigrattes are allowed in Islam. Those who do, just misinterpret the religion.

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simple + great Ad.
It's been very cheap to produce eventhough there's a "star" displayed. If that Ad went to air the day after the final it could've been enormous... the beer is good too

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Arthur - traumatised by Dad. Not ok.

But Arthur - traumatising us. Is that ok, Ivan?


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Arthur davies

Thankyou Buddaofsuburbia.
I'm glad allot of you enjoy my comments.

unlike "EXAMPLE" who apparently is an "Art Director" and has been a "Member" for 3 weeks.

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Arthur, please register. You will have many benefits. Plus, nobody can steal your ID.

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geez Arthur are you one of those internet stalker types? tell me do you know where "Example" lives and what colour underwear he's wearing?

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arthur davies

Thanks Ivan,
a good idea,
I will try and register.
hopefully next time you see me my name will be blue and slightly bolder

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OMG is this your first normal post?

Keep the good thing* goin' hahahaha

* your non-normal posts, that is.

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arthur davies

I tried to register but I only have my company email address.
Then my cover would be blown!
Let's just say
I'm Chief exec of a leading advertising company in NY and europe.
But I still like to get my fingers dirty sometimes on the design and creative floor.

ok, enough serious talk.. and back to the random confusion :)

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you said that already. And "leading" advertising company is quite a broad term

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It's your call, I'm not forcing you at all. Your email is not published anywhere. And, after the registration you can change it to any random thing, so even I won't be able to see it.

Here is a gmail invitation if you decide to get a free account for life:
(Guys, please don't spoil it. Keep it for Arthur. Unless he doesn't need it.)

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Arthur davies

Why thankyou!

anyway, come on chaps, post some more adverts so I can give some more creative feedback.

I should know. My partner and I spent many months in Bangkok when we first started out together in the 80's working under the thumb of the Don Perrier.
all our ads were works of art. at least we thought so.
Michael was wrong to leave so early. he shoud have stayed and seen it out to the end.
the water was dirty so we had to drink our own product we were working to sell in.
the irony was sometimes unbearable for Michael.
before computers ruled the design waves we were laying everything out with bromide machines.
the young boys on the design floor could only have been aged between 10-14. having to carry large quantities of bromide up the stairs and fill the backs of the machine up. many a time a child would spill the chemical on himself or a helper. the stench was unbearable.
the proofs would have to be cycled over to the main print office the other side of town. That year the rain was terential almost like a continous monsoon.
Mo-peds could not handle the muddy streets so the boys would have to run bare foot through rivers to get there. the proofs would be rolled up inside bamboo sealed tubes and tied to their backs.

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Cool. It sounds like a Shyamalan movie script.

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Oh yes, the good old times. I am what you would consider one of those young guys and I'm also currently looking for employement in advertising. We're still learning... so don't be so hard on us. After all, we're going to run things one day. Or like the MD of BBH London put it: "We're the old guys, we need fresh blood because you're closer to who we want to sell to."
I think the image is great but unfortunately I hardly believe it will sell any beer. It's one of those award show ads. I truly enjoy that some of the guys that have been around the block a couple of times do drop by and state their comments especially if they are as elaborate as those of Arthur. And even if I don't agree with some opinions here, isn't that what this is about? I definitely approve of this more than some random Guest giving a comment like "this sucks".

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well done just to the point xa xa xa humor! humor humor

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mee naa moo

it seems to me that people are using this Ads of the World platform as a social thing. We're supposed to be adding our views on ads and not just using this as a chat forum. back to basics please guys.

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yes drill sergeant...

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Staying on topic is important, but a bit of deviance is ok. Life is short after all.

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Yup! stay chill and enjoy this kinda ad... ;)

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Sorry to prolong this diatribe, but c'mon guys... Arthur's comments are hysterical. And regardless as to who he/she really is in "real life", he has two thing consistently going for him: He's usually correct as to the merit of an ad and he, by far, posts the most original comments.

And last time I checked, originality didn't have to manifest itself through a layout.
(K, I'm off the soapbox now)

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Great beer.... cool ad!
It's funny and universal, as it takes great advantage of an event seen all around the globe. I'm not sure it will make you thirsty (as someone said before), but it will definitely make you think about that brand the next time you go to get some beer.
I could go for a 1664 right now, actually.

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Isn't Arthur the creator of this ad?

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I don't mean this in any brown-nosing fashion, but you seem like a guy I would love to have beer with. You have the most interesting stories to tell.

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Geeeez!! Get a room, Buddaofsuburbia and Arthur!!


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This is a lovely and funny ad, though I agree with londhen

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Arthur should stop speaking his mind and typing eleventy billions lines for nothing.
A real "chief exec" doesn't spend his days commenting on some website...
And you don't have an email address ? Give me a break, you faker.

Onto the ad, it's not the most brilliant, because the idea is so simple and only uses a well-known attribute of the star, but at least it's not that bad. Ads with celebrities often focus on getting a clear shot at the guy, and don't bother coming up with an idea behind.

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Oxo!!! Not brilliant because it's too simple???? Please my friend, simplicity has never been more important than today, what with all the millions of impressions we get. A whole world will smile and understand the ad in half a second. Sure, it's populistic right now and only works short after the world cup, but it is brilliant in it's simplicity. You have to work hard to break out what really matters in an ad, here, they did it perfectly. But everybody doesn't have to agree. And regarding the "Arthur story" - It's hillarious. But, how much time do you guys have??? Seems you do nothin' but post comments. Come on, make some ads or whatever. Be Well!

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C'mon Guest. Arthur's a knock-out.

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Faker of not, Arthur and this discussion is good fun :)

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I agree that Arthur has different and stories to tell and interesting comments, my criticism is that I wish he would share some of them with an ad he actually does like, not always the bad ones. I understand that nobody likes all the ads but you must like some? lets hear some constructive criticism as well...

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don´t like the ad. next please.

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On Ivan's "Alcohol ......... Why are cigrattes allowed?"
Cigarettes are not allowed. Any sort of mind altering stuff is agaisnt Islam. All kinds of drugs are forbidden.

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Well, I take all kinds of drugs. But then again, I'm an Hindu.

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Marc G
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Gazza would love this one!