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May 2016

Print advertisment created by Cocoon Branding, Canada for YouthSPK, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

someone to

Advertising Agency: Cocoon Branding, Canada
Creative Director: Kyle Romaniuk
Art Director: Chuck Phillips
Copywriter: Lindsay Wright
Illustrators: Orville Laoag, Jared Frey
Photographer: Jerry Grajewski

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picopalqlea's picture
Activity Score 999

the perspective is really weird...

panasit's picture
Activity Score 687

I see wrist being slashed. I see an indifference face on her. I know it's supposed to be shocking. But I am not going to take time to read the bloody message.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

sparky's picture
Activity Score 454

very emo :D

it kind of tackles how people cut themselves to let out internal angst but its not really an empowering message you are sending out. yeah, okay they want to say 'we get you' but it really wouldnt make me relate to it because at teh end of the day this looks too polished.

sneakyhands's picture
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just looks like she bleeds nail polish. also, you could say a lot more here by just showing less. right now, it feels like you're holding my hand when i just need to be pointed in the right direction. plus, she'll need to get in that bath tub if she doesn't want to be there all day.

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

bleeding hearts of the world unite....

does her neighborhood not have boys n girls club

SeanMartin's picture

This is borderline trivializing an important issue: not only is her expression bland and bored, but there's also the little detail of the perfectly clean razor blade. And the abbreviation needs serious work: my first read on it was "spike", not "speak".

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I don't like these ads but I'm guessing the bland expression in her face means that she's considering cutting herself. She has some scars but no one is that fresh. I also think that beacause the razor is clean. The imaginary blood (the nail polishy blood) is trying somehow to let the viewers know what she feels but I don't think many people would even care to read.
In the other ad, the tears look fake because (again, my guess) they are transmiting some deep feelings the girl has (if a teenager can have any). She has those thoughts and she can't express them freely so she's crying inside and that's what the very fake tearpool is showing us.

Those are just guessings and if you have to make that many assumptions in advertising... well... it's just not working.

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JC Carvalho
Activity Score 152

emo to the ass.

Hell yeah!!

mok's picture

very emo. The copy is hard to read. I wouldn't take time to read it.

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Look at the size of that toiltet!!!

She could fit in there!!

Guest's picture

How weird is it that people also respond with emo or something stupid, just helps show you why people dont speak out about this, because peope react that way

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You're the only smart one that commented on here. That's exactly how I feel when people say stuff like "EMO". They don't understand.

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When I first looked at it I thought it was an ad about bad periods... Too much toilet!