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Does it means that they are waiting from all night????
Buf, don't like that!!!


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It means...

a) they've been waiting all night...

and b) in their terribly fashionable designer kit (the big glitzy sunglasses).

Harvey Nichols is an ultra-designer department store, BTW.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Yeh but the old "keep it simple" ideas still work well.
I really like these, its not over done, its a consistant set, nice photography and you have to look closer to geddit.
Could have been some photoshop'ed mess if the AD didn't know when to say when.
Fine line between making them look keen, and making them look homeless. That wouldn't have shifted a lot of frocks.

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The homeless don't normally own $800 sleeping bags.

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Have Heart
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Great as ever.

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Love it! These are hilarious. Everyone knows the client/products, so they've had a lot of fun with the culture surrounding it.

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Yep, another gem from DDB London. Love it!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I like it.
But I don't love it. Not quite there for me.
Not after having seen some of the greatest advertising campaigns a fashion/retailer has EVER done in recent history. They've already set such a high standard for "intelligent funny" thinking, they're practically competing with themselves creatively.

I've seen MUCH better work from them before. (that plastic thought bubble campaign wasn't one of them, BTW.)

No, I don't love this...

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You've said it, Jet, they're competing with themselves. No other fashionretailer even comes close. So what if their earlier work is even better, this one is great nevertheless.
I do love it

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Nice campaign bu DDB London can be better