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This is a funny campaign for a kids magazine (based on the same magazine, but for grown ups). The X-Rays are a nice idea, and using characters like Pluto, Coyote or Homer, will do.

I'd take off the It, being 'Feeds the brain'. It's more direct to the meaning. Also, for your knowledge, the body copy near the logo says 'A magazine for intelligent parents and children, which explains the world in a funny way.'

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Disco Munky
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These look good. A line that was character specific might have been nice.


Doin' it for the points

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X-rays are back again.Unfortunately.

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Uhm, it's not Pluto, it's Goofy! And the execution is Groovy!!! So what that x-rays are back, this is a totally new approach. Luv 'it!

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Thanx beatboxer. Da bodycopy explains it perfectly! Very cool campaign.