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ok, i guess? how many x-mas ads like these have been done before? It seems like the only strategy for any of them is that "oh, our product could be manipulated to look like some random xmas item".

Modal Writer
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agreed with modal writer. and don't need the star and the stick as well. just put that triangle thing at the bottom of the page with the base cropped and it would be a better ad then this.

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Okay. It's been done to death... but it's kind of cute. The store is called Folkway Music. So maybe some crafty folksperson made the pick into an ornament.

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Kind of daring to put your logo upside down. Hey I'm looking for positive aspects here!

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OK, so it's not innovative, but anyway I like it. It's fun. Maybe beacause I'm a guitar player and they use the pick and make it look like a christmas something.

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