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It's worth pointing out that this is an advertisement for a drug that controls the shaking experienced by sufferers of Parkinson's Disease.

In the US I think this is marketed as a reliever of Restless Leg Syndrome - no really.

I like the idea behind this campaign, but as it's aimed at the older generation (again, an assumption from research into the product) these hands don't look old enough, compared to the ones in the Hallowe'en execution.

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you should place that explanation in an ad next to this one.

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Ok, I will!

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Thanks for the explanation. IMO there are three types of advertising: an "ad" (about a product or service); a "teaser" (about an upcoming product or service); a "confuser" (about a product or service, but nobody gets it).
This is the latter I'm sorry.

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I'm not saying they're great, i do like them, but these are old ads (or they are ripoffs), and they have made various award publications. I'm racking my brain to remember which ones because it was years ago.

Just a note.

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Charley Xie
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Public welfare?